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In the aftermath of the singularity incident, Atom-Smasher came into contact with Zoom.

He was offered a chance to return to his world if he could kill Barry Allen.[1]

When Barry was to receive the key to the city at the Flash Day town gathering, he attacked the Flash but was overcome by the combination of Cisco's technology and Flash's speed. He retreated to restore his power.[1]

Cisco, Barry, Martin Stein and Caitlin Snow met at S.T.A.R. Labs and learned that all the X-Ray machines in a radius around the Atom-Smasher had lost power during the fight. They postulated that Atom-Smasher was absorbing radiation to increase his powers. They pinpointed his location to a hazardous waste reclamation plant where radiation was absent.[1]

The Flash then lured Atom-Smasher to a nuclear power plant with the plan to overload his system. Atom-Smasher was foiled into entering a nuclear reactor core and the team overloaded him with nuclear radiation. As his body began to give out, he informed Flash about Zoom and how he had been promised a chance to return home upon his murder.[1]



  • Al Rothstein was portrayed by Adam Copeland.



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