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Quote1.png Atom Smasher's density, weight, and strength, increased as he grew. His size made him formidable... virtually unstoppable... and a very obvious target. Quote2.png
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Albert Rothstein was the hero known as Atom Smasher, before he became one of the Anti-Living.

Albert was a superhero who was capable of increasing his size and initially survived the outbreak of the Anti-Life virus. He was deployed along the younger heroes to guard the survivors assembled at Nantucket, where they could be screened before being taken to Poison Ivy's Gotham Jungle. The Anti-Living however soon arrived there, using a portal created by Nightshade. Albert attacked the horde and tried to oush them back, but he was infected after Black Adam flew through his shoulder.[1]

As the infected Albert started attacking the living, Damian Wayne told his superpowered allies and Jaime Reyes to ignore him, in order to deal with Black Adam who was the bigger threat. Black Manta meanwhile was tasked to deal with Albert. As Damian, Stephanie Brown and Talia al Ghul fought the Anti-Living, Albert tried smashing them with a punch, but was stopped by Wonder Girl and Superboy. He then tried smashing the two heroes between both of his hands, but they used their power to throw him into the ocean.[2]

The survivors were able to flee Nantucket with the help of Justice League,[3] and the Anti-Living horde next assaulted Poison Ivy's garden in Gotham City.[4] The Pied Piper however lured the whole horde into the Land of the Nightshades through Nightshade's portal, using his flute. After Nightshade was killed by Piper, the Anti-Living, including Albert, were permanently trapped in the dimension.[5]