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Albert Rothstein was the godson of the original Atom and an adventurer known as Atom Smasher.

When Superman returned to the public in the wake of the Kansas disaster, Atom Smasher was stunned when Superman appeared before him in a metahuman nightclub to recruit potential members to his Justice League; in which Atom Smasher joined. He fought in the Gulag breakout and was subsequently killed from the U.N. nuclear bombing.



  • Size Limit

  • According to Kingdom Come / Revelations, Atom Smasher's attire is based on the Golden Age Atom's "masked-wrestler" look.
  • At the time of the writing of Kingdom Come the mainstream Albert Rothstein was known as Nuklon. The Atom Smasher name and costume from Kingdom Come became a part of mainstream continuity.
  • It is unconfirmed however it seems that Al has kept his size increased without returning to his "regular" state in a long time. Even in non-aggressive times he seems to maintain it and use his strength almost without realizing it. [citation needed]



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