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Al Rothstein, also known as Atom-Smasher, is a member of the Justice Society of America.

Atom Smasher was supposed to exist on Prime Earth but his existence was erased after Doctor Manhattan prevented Alan Scott from becoming the Green Lantern and, as a consequence, his death prevented the creation of the Justice Society of America.[1]

Later, Doctor Manhattan undid his actions and allowed Alan Scott to become once again the Green Lantern and form the Justice Society. Atom Smasher was brought back to life and was part of the Justice Society, along with the other heroes, helped Superman defeat the metahumans who were ravaging Washington, D.C..[2]


  • Atomic Dispersal: As a result of exposure to uncontrolled Thorium radiation, the Atom Smasher's mass has become unstable. Al can increase his size, allowing him to grow up to 28 feet tall. At this height, Al is resistant to all attacks from normal sized people. With atomic dispersal, Al increases the distance between his own atoms, thus increasing his overall size. Under normal circumstances, his mass would remain the same no matter how large he becomes. However, his mass increase power counteracts these effects to a point.
    • Mass Increase: Al can increase his body's mass. His weight is multiplied by his height. Of course, as he weighs more, he has a greater effect on the environment. The power gives Al amazing resistance to physical attacks. He can also use the mass instead of his strength to inflict charging damage. This power is tied to his growth power.



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