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Quote1.png I'm a small-town mechanic with a super-powered son. Drugs, gangs, bad grades--I was ready for those. Laserbeams, no. But for your children, you do what you must. Quote2.png
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Alberto Reyes is the father of Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle.

Alberto Reyes was born in Arroyo Blanco, Mexico and came to America when he was just a baby. There his father received U.S. military training as a mechanic and got a green card to live with his family in El Paso. 'Berto himself later followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the military and fought in the Dominion War. He retired from the army, working at what could be his fathers garage. He got married and started a family.

Along the way Luis Rivas was hired as a help in the garage. But Luis appeared to be a addict and called sick more often then he got to work. Alberto would have fired the man was it not that Luis had his own family to take care of. So Luis remained a hired help. Because of this Alberto was forced to work double shifts most of the time. Alberto's oldest child Jaime Reyes suggested he could work part time to help his overworked father. He refused, not wanting to see his kid to grow up too fast. On the day he finally gave in to his son, allowing him to work part time in the garage, Jaime disappeared with no clue to his whereabouts.

Luis got in trouble with the wrong kind of people. In the garage Alberto got in between them trying to end the fight and he was shot for his trouble. 'Berto survived, lost weight and had to use a cane for walking after the incident. Not able to work properly, he soon lost the garage and his job.

Then a year later his son returned home late at night. He soon discovered that his son believed he was only away for a day helping the Justice League. To proof this Jaime fired up his Scarab armor causing quite a scene among the other members of the family. 'Barto startled but more used to these kind of thing started to put the broken pieces of the family together.