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Alec Abrams was transformed into a flesh and blood version of a fictional superhero (later supervillain) by a cursed comic book.

After his parents were killed, Alec Abrams was placed under the care of his aunt. Alec also had problems at school, with him being frequently bullied.[1]

An avid comic book fan, when the Blur appeared in Metropolis, Alec began admiring the superhero. Having the "popcorn image" of what it meant to be a superhero, Alec became convinced that his life would be perfect, if he was a superhero. He wouldn't be bullied at school and would've been able to save his parents.[1]

Attending a comic convention, Alec stole a rare comic book, that nobody had ever read. The comic featured the original version of the fictional superhero "Warrior Angel", that had been revamped after its first appearance, into the character that Alec was familiar with. What Alec wasn't aware off, was that the comic had a curse on it. So, when he read it, it caused Alec to transform into the grown Warrior Angel and saved the life of Chloe Sullivan.[1]

She later tracked him down, but rather than telling her the truth, Alec claimed to be "Stephen Swift" (the secret identity of the fictional superhero) and gave her a fictional backstory for his powers, after Chloe revealed to him that she worked with the Blur and other superheroes. Alec quickly befriended Chloe and enjoyed his new superhuman status, which even allowed him to save another kid from bullies.[1]

However, there was a darker side to his situation. The comic he had stolen had featured a scrapped version of Warrior Angel, where the hero ultimately became the villainous "Devilicus". Because of the curse, Alec was turned into Devilicus, when he briefly thought that Chloe had betrayed him, and threatened to kill her. But, thanks to the intervention of the Blur and Zatanna, Chloe survived, and the curse was undone. Alec was turned back into a 12-year-old boy. The Blur explained to him the true meaning of what it means to be a hero and returned him to his aunt.[1]

Alec as Warrior Angel


  • The young version of Alec was portrayed by Owen Best, the adult version was portrayed by Carlo Marks.
  • Alec Abrams was born ca. 1998.[1]
  • According to John Constantine, Alec Abrams is not the first kid to be turned into Warrior Angel, after reading a comic book.[2]
  • At the end of "Warrior", Alec Abrams gave Clark a drawing of a suit for the blur (later "Superman").[1] A suit almost identical to the one that Martha Kent would later have made for Clark.[3]



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