Quote1.png Do you wonder why I search for them, Heather? Do you resent me that I do? Quote2.png
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Alec Holland is Swamp Thing, the champion of the Parliament of Trees. He has control of all plant life in the universe due to his link to a force that connects all plant life known as the Green. After a conflict between men and the planet itself, he now leads his own children in a quest to reconnect with humanity.

Searching for Humans

Swamp Thing took shelter inside New York City, where he created several new forms of sentient plant life, his own sons and daughters. He did it because humans disappeared from the Earth, afraid of the planet itself: it seemed that some time ago, a great conflict between humanity and the forces of nature broke society apart, and now whole cities stood empty, with no human to be found. Alec though was still searching from them, even if some of his family did not agree with the research, especially Indigo.

Connecting with the Green, he found out there were humans in New York a while ago, who then moved in the north of Canada. After hearing out his firstborn, Heather, who told him they will always follow their Green Father, he decided to move. While in Canada, one of his sons was killed while standing on guard at night. Heather found the killer, a human called Venen, and her first impulse was to punish him, but Swamp Thing stopped her, telling her they must act with kindness, and not violence. After a brief moment of rage, Heather stayed with Alec while he started to know Venen better.

Venen revealed them he came from the S.T.A.R. Fortress after abandoning a community that formed there. He did it because the one leading it, the Undying Man, planned something that could result in the end of the world: awakening the Obsidian Sun. Venen started travelling, hoping to find other men or Swamp Thing, to ask for help. [1]




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