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Swamp Thing, a sentient plant creature, was a member of the Justice League.

He helped stop the Brothers Djinn, three demons sealed away in the Rock of Eternity, who were freed by Black Adam. However, their main power was to nullify a hero's abilities just by saying their name. To counteract this, Swamp Thing gave some of his power to Wonder Woman, while he took on Plastic Man's. This worked long enough for Batman and Shazam to come to the rescue.

With the occurance of a rare red lunar eclipse, Solomon Grundy got his hands on the Star of the Dead in a New Orleans graveyard, which would allow him to revive the dead as his zombie army. Using the eclipse, Grumdy could magnify the jewel's power, empowering it to transform living people into the undead. Swamp Thing was the first on the scene to fight Grundy, but was quickly outmatched, forcing him to call for back up. Batman and Zatanna arrived, but Grundy managed to turn the the jewel's magic onto the reinforcements. By extending his toe, Swamp Thing managed to destroy the star, reverting all the zombie back to their living forms or to dust.

Sometime later, Swamp-Thing went on a blind date who turned out to be Poison Ivy. With he persuasion over plant life, Ivy took control of Swamp Thing and turned all of Gotham City into a violent jungle, while planning on forcing him to marry her. Swamp Thing had limited control over his own actions and was obliged to fight the Justice League. He was temporarily subdued by Firestorm via nuclear dehydration, only to be hit by a chemical hydration balloon thrown by Harley Quinn. This renued Swamp Thing more powerful than ever and continued to reluctantly do Ivy's bidding. As the wedding approached, Batman came to Swamp Thing's rescue by dumping a chemical compound onto her, nullifying her influence over him. Swamp-Thing happily dropped the engagement.



  • Dehydration: Swamp-Thing must be hydrated at all times, otherwise he wilts.
  • Plant Biology: Because of his body, Swamp Thing can be harmed like any other plant could, such as extreme heat. The most noteworthy is Swamp Thing can be controlled long distance by Poison Ivy like any other plant.



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