Alec Rois (Earth-Four)

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Alec Rois is the Ghost, a criminal who uses gadgets to appear like a ghost and commit burglaries. He is an enemy of Captain Atom.


Poverty-stricken as a child, Alec Rois was shunned by his peers, growing up alone and unloved. As a result, he devoted himself to his studies, eventually becoming a skilled scientist. As a young man, Rois finally succeeded in developing a working teleportation machine. At first, Rois intended to give his invention to the world, but the memory of all those years without friends or money stopped him, and he decided to use the machine to further his own ends. Designing a striking white costume, Rois sewed miniature versions of his teleport device into the palms of his gloves and embarked upon a career of crime as the Ghost.

Using his newfound ability to go anywhere and pass through any object, The Ghost quickly amassed a fortune he used to further his scientific studies. The United States government, fearful that the Ghost would soon begin to steal top secrets, employed the services of superheroes Captain Atom and Nightshade to track down the Ghost and permanently end his crime spree. After several failed attempts to defeat The Ghost, Captain accidentally ruined the teleport mechanism in Rois's glove, and The Ghost was apparently torn apart by the energy field set up by the exposed teleportation device and vanished.

The accident had merely teleported The Ghost to an unknown destination, permanently fusing his teleportational device to his hand in the process. Months later The Ghost returned, only to find himself the object of worship by the female inhabitants of the hidden civilization called Sunuria. The Sunurian women believed The Ghost to be the reincarnation of their ancient evil god called the Faceless One, so they captured him and brought The Ghost to their hidden kingdom to rule it. From his new hidden base, The Ghost was able to launch repeated attacks on his arch-foe Captain Atom.[1]

Powers and Abilities


All of the Ghost's powers originate with his costume and equipment.




  • Teleportation belt: The Ghost wears a technologically advanced belt which allows him to teleport from one remote location to another. The range and distance of this effect has yet to be revealed. The belt can also project a blast of destructive energy from a special housing within the buckle.
  • Energy Resistant cape: The Ghost wears a metallic, yet flexible, cape which reflects energy that is directed at it.
  • Flight capabilities: The Ghost is also capable of directional flight. As the Ghost himself has no inherent super-powers, this ability therefore must originate with his costume. Whether the ability to fly stems from his belt, cape or some other part of his uniform is unknown.


  • This version of the Ghost, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
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