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Skyhook is a century-old murderer mutated by a demon. After he came to Metropolis, he was stopped by Superman.

Dr. Aleister Hook was a physician in 1880's London who kidnapped children. Because he was a wealthy citizen, he was able to avoid arrest until some angry citizens were able to corner him in an abandoned chapel. The chapel had been used recently as a center of devil worship. Hook was cornered, strung up by his ankles, and then the chapel was set on fire. Hook cried out for relief. The demon Blaze answered his cry, transforming him into the winged demon Skyhook. He fled the flames of the chapel and stowed away on a ship to America. He laid dormant for 100 years, eventually emerging in Metropolis. He began to kidnap children again, using his powers to transform them into demonic being resembling himself. He used them to go on a spree of burglaries, implementing a "lead foil" bag to evade Superman. One of his victims was Jamie Sawyer, the daughter of Captain Maggie Sawyer of the Special Crimes Unit, who had run away from her custodial father, James Buchanan Sawyer in Star City. Maggie called on Superman for help. Together, they were able to track down Skyhook's lair before Jamie was transformed into one of his beasties. Skyhook, knowing the odds were against him, grabbed Jamie as insurance and took off. Maggie managed to shoot him out of the sky and he crashed in the ocean. Superman grabbed Maggie and Jamie. The children, however, did not revert to normal and were taken to S.T.A.R. Labs. Later, Jamie began to manifest symptoms and was taken there as well. Skyhook had survived and eventually began to rebuild his lair, calling his former children to him and beginning to bring new ones. Jamie broke out with the others and rejoined Skyhook, but Maggie and her ex-husband were hot on their heels. S.T.A.R. got a hold of Superman, who met up with Maggie and her ex at an old church where Skyhook had retreated with his children. Skyhook created a mystical cloud that obscured Superman's vision. Superman was also vulnerable to Skyhook's claws because of his demonic nature. James moved a statue in the mist and Skyhook accidentally impaled himself upon in. Skyhook was apparently dead, and the children reverted to normal. S.T.A.R. took his body for an autopsy.[1]

Much later, just prior to the Trial of Superman, Skyhook emerged again, up to his old tricks. He had transformed a girl named Darlena, who befriended Keith Robert and a couple of his friends. Keith, recently adopted by Perry White, decided that he and his friends should try and rescue Darlena. Keith marked the trail she led into the sewers. Perry found out Keith was missing and got in touch with Superman, who followed Keith's trail to Skyhook's lair (which was directly beneath the old church they last faced off). Skyhook transformed to his gaseous state, burrowing upward, but severed a gas and electrical line, causing a massive explosion. Superman saved the children, but Darlena still had wings and there was no sign of Skyhook. He has not been seen since.[2]


  • Aleister, Skyhook's first name, is probably a homage to the 19th century famous occultist, Aleister Crowley.



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