Skyhook is a criminal and serial child murderer in Metropolis.

The Monster In The Closet

In Metropolis, Skyhook operates as a well known criminal kept at arm's length by other villains because he lacks a moral line. On top of this, his history of kidnapping and mutating children earned him a reputation as the city's bogeyman. In the past, he was recruited for a robbery by one of the few villains brave enough to work with him: Crash, arms dealer and brother to the superhero Steel. After the job, Crash decided to withhold Skyhook's cut to have more money for his family. In retaliation, Skyhook kidnapped his youngest child Ezekiel. This act created enmity not just with Crash, but with the rest of the Irons' family and Lana Lang, who would later become Superwoman. Eventually, the authorities abandoned the search for Zeke and Skyhook and he remained free.

Clash from the Past

Many years later, Crash escaped from Stryker's Island following the battle against Ultrawoman. Hoping to find Crash in his hunt for his son's kidnapper, the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit renewed the hunt for Skyhook. Also entering the melee was both of the remaining Irons, now heroes sharing the moniker Steel, seeking revenge for the kidnapping of Ezekiel. Superwoman, who wanted to apprehend Skyhook before the two Steels could take their revenge. Superwoman was first to track down Skyhook, taking first crack at him. She failed to take him down after her armor lost power during the fight, and he went underground to avoid any further pursuers. The next person to track him down is Crash. Despite the small arsenal he brought for the fight, Crash was no match for Skyhook's powers. Before he could kill Clay, Superwoman arrived for a rematch. During the fight, Skyhook confessed to kidnapping Ezekiel, rattling her cage long enough to gain the upper hand. However, Lana bounced back, and defeated him. She then handed him over to the MSCU and relayed his confession to them.




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