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Alena Whitlock, known better by her online alias Kojo Sledgehammer, was a hacktivist who was inspired by the Ghost Fox Goddess' hack of the Department of Education.

Kojo Sledgehammer joined Helix, a collection of skilled hacktivists who hacked the NSA in 2016, obtaining a huge data cache called Pandora. When Felicity Smoak tried to hack into the NSA herself to obtain data to exonerate her friend John Diggle, she caught the attention of Kojo Sledgehammer. They met, and Kojo expressed how she was a huge fan of Felicity. She gave Felicity Pandora in the hopes of both helping her friend and returning Felicity to her hacker roots.[2]

Felicity later expressed her interest in joining Helix, which Kojo Sledgehammer allowed if Felicity hacked DHS drones for them.[3] With Felicity becoming a full-time member, Kojo Sledgehammer had Felicity help her break out their leader Cayden James from A.R.G.U.S. which placed them into conflict with Team Arrow. Kojo Sledgehammer hacked an elevator to kill an A.R.G.U.S. member to get one of the keys needed for James' cell, and later assaulted an A.R.G.U.S. blacksite with the help of an internet-bought mercenary team and Felicity Smoak. The operation was a success, but Kojo Sledgehammer and Helix had to abandon their current base of operations to protect their interests, leaving Felicity out due to her connections with Team Arrow.[4]

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