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No-Face is one of Doctor Arkham's three special parients he calls the Beauties. These patients don't exist; they are actually a figment of Doctor Arkham's imagination, contributing to his descent into becoming the new Black Mask.

Alessio was born into a wealthy Venetian family. His father was a financier, his mother a patron of the arts and a celebrated beauty, who liked to collect masks. All that mattered to Alessio's mother was physical perfection. Her son knew that he was inadequate and unworthy of her attention. Alessio took his mother's favorite mask from the wall and used a tube of adhesive to put it on. That night, his father tore the mask off his face, damaging Allesio's face beyond any possible reconstruction.

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His repentant father hired the world's finest plastic surgeons to restore Alessio's face, but no amount of skin grafts could ever undo the damage. The muscles were no longer capable of converying expression. his eyebrows and lips were gone. The face was devoid of personality, and for many years the boy's mind was equally blank. When he arrived at Arkham Asylum, he had not spoken for more than ten years. His fellow inmates mockingly named him No-Face. He was removed from the rest of the population and brought to solitary confinement. It was suggested that he use his face as a canvas to express himself. With Doctor Arkham's help and encouragement he developed wonderfully as an artist. His creations, although short-lived, are nothing less than masterpieces. Doctor Arkham always found them quite beautiful and breathtaking.[1]


  • Artist: Alessio is a wonderful painter, his favorite canvas and type of art is self portraits, literally painting on his face to express his feelings.


  • Mentally Unstable: No-Face is not in the right frame of mind. It is unknown whether this instability has been persistent from birth or from his childhood but it remains that as a patient of Arkham Asylum he is unstable.


  • Art Tools: Various art tools and painting supplies such as a brush, mirror, paint and stool.



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