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Quote1.png The point is, every time a highly advanced alien race hits Earth looking to conquer it and make it a part of their empire-- you have this small group of so-called superheroes who fight them off. But nobody ever stops to think how, in the big picture, they just chased away the next great wave of innovation and enterprise. How that alien tech might have cured diseases and ended poverty for billions in the long run. Quote2.png
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Alex was a Dubbilex clone created by Project Cadmus with a bit of Kryptonian DNA blended in his genetic makeup, grown and raised inside a lab.

While he remained there, he nudged telepathically a geneticist called Catherine Devereux to make a bond with him, promising to cure her son.

As soon as he was free, Alex went back on his promise. Driven by hatred for superheroes, whom he blamed for impeding mankind's technological progress every time they drove an alien invasion off, he created a cellphone app called FlyOver which would allow super-villains to locate and coordinate attacks against superheroes.

His plan brought him into direct conflict with Supergirl, whom he especially hated since being a young hero, "she's the future".





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