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Alex Fury, formerly a Maxi Hero known as "Judge Fury" and Liberty Squad leader, is the mayor of Tranquility and husband of former actress/Maxi Hero Suzy Fury, also known as The Pink Bunny.

Mayor Fury's top priority is giving former heroes and villains alike a place to live out their golden years in peace and keeping the town running smoothly. He seems well-equipped to this end, having seemingly limitless reservoirs of patience and diplomacy, having only lost his temper once.

When Mr. Articulate was murdered, it was then revealed that Fury was involved in Articulate's death. The reason for this is that before Tranquility was founded, Fury and the Liberty Squad discovered the Fountain of Youth after they defeated Henry Hate. Judge Fury, Colonel Cragg and Astral Man discussed the possibilities of such a thing - it was initially agreed to split the meager drops of precious water between them, giving one to a person they loved, then putting the rest in the Town's water supply. Astral Man agreed to stay quiet for a day, as a compromise, but Fury knew he would eventually tell the world. Cragg murdered Astral Man in his sleep, and convinced everyone that Cosmos had betrayed the team, leading to Astral Man's death in which Cosmos was easily to believed to commit the murder as he was a notorious drunk who easily forget of what he was doing. Articulate was the next person who planned on revealing the secret of the Fountain, and was killed for this by Colonel Cragg. In further protecting the secret, Fury fought his wife, to get and kill news reporter Collette Pearson, who had deduced the townfolk's longevity, and stage her suicide from the town's Observatory.[1] However, he was then confronted by Maximum Man and the two fiercely fought each other which Fury had the upper-hand. But, he was then confronted by many of the town's super-powered inhabitants and was eventually subdued personally by Sheriff Tommy Lindo.[2]

After his Arrest

All charges against Mayor Fury were dropped when Collette Pearson refused to testify against him in court. While being transported home from Prison, an unknown assailant, later revealed to be his estranged son, Derek, attacked the Mayor.[3] Working with Sheriff Tommy and the other members of Tranquility, he helped subdue his insane progeny.[4]