Alex Kingston (b. March 11, 1963) portrayed Dinah Lance on the series Arrow.

She is better known for portraying Professor River Song on the series Doctor Who.

Pictured: Alex Kingston as Dinah Lance from the Arrow episode "Dead to Rights"

Work History

Acting Credits

Arrow 2012- Dinah Lance
     "Dead to Rights" February 27, 2013 Dinah Lance
     "The Huntress Returns" March 20, 2013 Dinah Lance
     "Salvation" March 27, 2013 Dinah Lance
     "Heir to the Demon" February 6, 2014 Dinah Lance
     "Time of Death" February 26, 2014 Dinah Lance
     "The Climb" December 10, 2014 Dinah Lance
     "Canary Cry" April 27, 2016 Dinah Lance

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