Alexa was an Amazon. In stark contrast to the rest of her people (especially so to Artemis), she was a gentle woman who shunned battle and openly admitted her cowardice on the field.

Instead of combat, she immersed herself in literature and spent her days with her nose buried in many a book. Despite this, Alexa was looked upon fondly by all Amazons, especially Diana, who had never tasted real battle and thus shared her innocence.

While on guard duty over Ares, the God of War was freed by Persephone, and Alexa was killed.

As Ares had struck a deal with Hades, all deceased Amazons were raised and sent to fight their sisters in Washington, D.C.. Not in control of her own body, Alexa proved far more capable in battle, though her real nature shone through. She explained an ancient spell that could reverse the reanimation of the fallen to Artemis.





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