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Alexa Antigone, also known as Fuerza, hails from the South American nation of Corto Maltese, where she is an anarchist who battles against her corrupt government. She is a conduit of the mysterious cosmic force known as the Strength Force, which provides her with a vast assortment of powers to wage her war on corruption. Although they clashed initially, she eventually teams up with the Flash to take on the corrupt police force of Corto Maltese, and better understand their connections to the Strength and Speed Forces respectively.

Gaining Powers

Alexa Antigone was once a simple student learning how to bring about change to her corrupt nation Corto Maltese. One day, when walking down a pathway, the ground swallowed her up. She eventually emerged from this tomb with superhuman strength. When she first emerged from the ground she had taken on a hulkish form. However, as she trained with her new abilities, she learned that she could stay at her normal size if she remained calm. She learned much about her new abilities from her training, like that the strength within her shifts to what part of the body needs it; for instance, if she were to lift up a tank, her strength would shift to her arms while leaving the rest of the body as vulnerable as a normal person's. She also learnt she could manipulate gravitational fields; however, she chose not to hone this aspect of her power, and instead chose to increase her physical attributes.[1]

She soon began using her powers to battle the corrupt police force of her nation, led by a ruthless man named Cauldron who smuggled illegal weapons into the country. She eventually built a hidden community in the mountains of her home, carving out a lair with her bare hands where the people of Corto Maltese lived free from corruption.[1]

Meeting the Flash

One day, while attempting to destroy one of Cauldron's illegal weapon stashes, Alexa, who had taken up the name Fuerza, witnessed the arrival of the The Flash. The Flash had come to Corto Maltese seeking out Alexa, whom he believed to be a conduit of the mystical Strength Force. Alexa initially attacked Flash, believing he had come to help the police deal with what would be viewed by the outside world as a terrorist. However, Flash soon proved himself to be an ally. Deciding that she wanted to talk to the Flash, Fuerza took the American vigilante to her mountain retreat.[1]

Flash revealed his real name was Barry Allen to gain Fuerza's trust, and then told her the origin of her power. Flash told Fuerza that her power came from the Strength Force, which was tied to an ancient power that had been around since the creation of the Multiverse. Long ago, there were four avatars who guarded all of space and time; these avatars all represented one of the four forces: Strength, Speed, Sage and Still. Flash sought to learn everything he could about the other Forces, which was why he had come to visit Fuerza. Fuerza showed him everything she knew about her powers, talking to Flash for hours about the Forces.[1]

The Flash Vol 5 60 Textless

Fuerza briefly attacks the Flash.

Later that day, while protecting medical supplies from Cauldron's men, Flash and Fuerza were approached by an injured man and his son who told them that Cauldron had forced them to give up the location of the mountain hideout. The two force avatars rushed to the mountain where Cauldron had taken Fuerza's family and friends hostage.[1]

When the pair arrived, Cauldron shot them with a strange bubble gun powered by the Sage Force. These bubbles stuck to the heroes and transformed themselves into Fuerza's worst nightmares. Flash told Fuerza that the Sage Force was tapping into her mind and making her greatest fears come to life. Using a combo attack, the Flash and Fuerza were able to vanquish the demons. Fuerza then disarmed Cauldron and tried to kill him, only to be stopped by the Flash at the last second. This enraged Fuerza who lost control and transformed into her hulk form. She briefly tried to kill Flash, only to be stopped by her mother, who convinced her that what she was doing wasn't justice.[2]

Alexa later said goodbye to Flash, who returned on his quest to uncover the secrets of the Forces.[2]


  • Strength Force Conduit: Alexa is a conduit of the Strength Force, a mysterious cosmic force which is based around gravity and the force of motion. When Powerhouse uses her powers, she taps into the Strength Force and expends it.[3] Initially she had little control of these powers, taking the form of a hulkish brute; however, she soon learned that she could control her powers if she stayed calm.[1]
    • Dimensional Travel: After meeting the Flash, Fuerza began testing her powers further until she unlocked the ability to open a gateway to the Strength Force Dimension.[4]
    • Gravity Manipulation: Alexa has control over gravity afforded by the Strength Force; however, she tends to rely on her fists more than her gravity manipulation.[1]
    • Size Alteration: Whenever she flared up emotionally, Fuerza tended to grow into a muscle bound titan whom tended to lose control over her rational thought if left unchecked.[2]
    • Invulnerability: Alexa is invulnerable to most kinds of damage. She passively has this invulnerability; however, when she taps into the Strength Force she becomes easier to hurt.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: Due to her connection to the Strength Force, Alexa boasts an incredible strength level. She can create massive shockwaves by punching the ground, lift a tank with ease, and create a cavern in a mountain using her bare hands. She also believes she could move a mountain.[1]
      • Super-Leaping: Due to her connection to the Strength Force, Alexa can leap hundreds of meters into the air by using her powerful leg muscles.[1]


  • Although Powerhouse is a name that has been used before, this version of the character is completely unrelated to any character who bore the name before she did.
  • The word Fuerza translates to Force and/or Strength from Spanish