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Fuerza, as she was nicknamed by Cisco Ramon, is a Central City citizen who became a raging beast after coming into contact with the extradimensional field known as Strength Force.

After the rebirth of the Speed Force,[1] a woman who lived in Central City became the embodiment of the Strength Force, an extradimensional field which turned her into a feral monster and gifted her a tremendous amount of strength.

One week later, after Abra Kadabra gave up on murdering the Flash and destroying Central City, Fuerza broke into the battlefield where she killed the techno-magician with a single punch and captured the Flash: however, she did not kill him and escaped.[2]

Not long after the attack on the Flash, according to the Speed Force, Fuerza as the Strength Force, along with the other new Forces, attacked it and wounded it enough to force the Speed Force to take refuge on Earth-Prime.[3]

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