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Alexander Fairchild, formerly an agent of Team 7, is the father of Caitlin Fairchild of Gen 13.

Alex Fairchild was an Iowa farmboy who escaped the corn belt by attending West Point. An iconoclast who abhorred bureaucracy, Alex ended up joining the Special Forces (not only because of his roughhousing but also his womanizing). After sleeping with a general's wife, his career in the "regular" army was crippled before it even started. Soon, he found his home with the Green Berets where he was not only a proficient soldier but also the "go-to guy" when things needed to get done or found.

Alex caught the attention of John Lynch, who worked for International Operations and had been assigned to put together Team 7 by Miles Craven. When Alex was exposed to the Gen-Factor, he carried out various missions for Craven while he was with Team 7. Soon, he escaped from IO when Team 7 disbanded.

When Alex went into hiding with the other renegade members of Team 7, he established a special friendship with Lucius (a pirate). At this time, he was reunited with his daughter, Caitlin Fairchild. He resided with Lynch and the Gen 13 kids, until he sacrificed himself to save them from a mad scientist.


  • Psionics: His Gen-Factor given powers were primarily strong telekinetic powers, also known as the Mojo or the Rush among Team 7-members. His mental powers are stronger when other Team 7-members link with him, increasing its strength almost exponentially. He now is capable of:
    • Telekinesis: Alexander's most powerful ability is to create waves of raw telekinetic energy and blast opponents. He has used this power more creatively but savors it for its destruction purposes.
    • Telepathy: Alexander can keep in mental contact with his teammates without the use of other technology. He can also hear others thought including when they have mental blocks up.
    • Empathy: Alexander can sense the emotion of others and even feel that same emotion. When his team was being tortured he could feel each and every sense of pain at once and it drove him mad temporarily.
    • Rapid Cellular Regeneration: Alexander's cells regenerate at a remarkable speed, faster than that of normal humans. If and when Alex takes damage, as long as it does not separate his body parts, he can heal from it.
    • Mind Control: Alexander can force his mind into another human being. Through this he can control their actions, movements and thoughts.
  • Memory Erasing: Somewhat of a byproduct of his control over the human brain; Alexander can erase whole memories permanently from subjects he has even used this ability on his teammates to escape their grasp as a fugitive.
  • Mental Shields: Alexander can generate mental shields that do not block a physical force but provide protection from telepathy and mind control.



  • The Rush: The side effects of using this power however are terrible to say the least. It was nicknamed The Rush due to the effect that the use of it is likened unto a drug. Raw, telekinetic, energy twisting and wielding power that if left unchecked can ravage the mind and body of the wielder, driving him to insanity.
  • Uncontrolled Psionics: The downside to these powers was that they were nearly impossible to control.
  • Physical Strain: Using the powers also put a terrible strain on Fairchild himself; trying to keep them under control would often cause blood vessels to rupture and he would weaken.
  • Mental Strain: Prolonged use would threaten his sanity and outside forces (like I.O. telepath Alicia Turner) were needed to calm him down and make him regain control.