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Quote1.png Is there a six-foot bat in Gotham City? If so, is he on the police payroll? If so, what's he pulling down? After taxes? Quote2.png
Alexander Knox src

'Alexander Knox was a smarmy, snarky, opportunistic reporter for the Gotham Globe who attempted to investigate the mystery of Batman with Vicki Vale.

Knox was the only journalist amongst his peers who put any stock into rumors of a mysterious "Batman" haunting Gotham's rooftops. He pursued the story with great vigilance, often pestering important city officials including Commissioner Gordon, Mayor Borg and district attorney Harvey Dent. The only reporter that gave any credence to Knox's theories was photo-journalist Vicki Vale, whom he developed an attraction to. She however only loved him as a friend. During the Joker's parade where he attempts to gas all the spectators on scene, Allie is seen with a face mask on after he and Vicki realise that the balloons are filled with Smylex gas. While he is trying to evade the deadly gas, he leaps on Vicki's car. She knocks him off and he lands in a pile of garbage bags. He is later shown to have survived the Joker's attack and is seen among the press reporters covering Mayor Borg, DA Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordon's report that the mob has been either disbanded or imprisioned completely at this point and that Batman will continue to protect Gotham if it faces any source of danger ever again. When Vicki leaves shortly after the conference has commenced, he questions the state of their relationship, both professionally (asking whether she is still working with him on covering Batman) and personally (whether their relationship could become something more intimate). While Vicki turns him down on both counts, she kindly kisses him goodbye on the cheek and wishes him well in the future.