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Quote1 How very charming. I've just reversed across the matter/anti-matter membrane in a homemade ship and this is my reception? My dear country cousin, you are human... I am Luthor. Now...where can I find the super-people around here? Quote2
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Lex Luthor is the only known hero of the Antimatter Earth.

Most of Luthor's history has not been revealed. But he has had numerous conflicts with the Crime Syndicate and the worst of their leader Ultraman. Thanks to his home universe as a whole being fundamentally aligned towards evil, he was as reviled by the people of his Earth as supervillains are on the main Earth, and every heroic attempt was doomed to failure. It was revealed the Luthor was only allowed to live because Ultraman likes the challenge of hunting Luthor down when the hero makes one of his inevitable escapes from custody.

During one such break-out Luthor jumped dimensions, landing on the positive matter Earth. He kidnapped his counterpart Lex Luthor and assumed his identity. He then searched for information about superhuman's who might help him fight the Crime Syndicate while diverting considerable Lexcorp funds to charitable causes.

Luthor had accidentally brought a passenger plane with him from his home dimension, switching it with its positive matter counterpart, killing everyone onboard. The Justice League intercepted the plane as it was going down and noticed the passengers' hearts were on the wrong side of their bodies and their one dollar bills have Benedict Arnold's face on them rather than George Washington's.

The Justice League eventually contacted Luthor while investigating the plane's origins and he took then introduced himself and explain his desperate need for help. The Justice League agreed and traveled back to the other Universe with him. They defeated and imprisoned the Crime Syndicate in their own lunar fortress and began working to restore order and justice to their world.

The Crime Syndicate escaped and the two teams battled but stopped when the both realized that they had been tricked by Brainiac. Brainiac had secretly eased Luthor's escape and his trip to the matter universe; even the switched passenger planes that initially drew the attention of the teams was all Brainiac's plan. In the resulting confusion, Brainiac was able to subvert the systems of the Flying Fortress and begin the process of merging the matter and anti-matter Earths. The result would be the mutual annihilation of both worlds and Brainiac's transformation to a being of pure energy.

The team realized they could not win in the Antimatter Universe that good simply could not prevail in that realm the Justice League gave up their attempts to reform the Antimatter Earth and stop Brainiac. Instead, the Justice League realized the only way to win was to do something evil; using the Flying Fortress's cyclotron, they abandoned the Antimatter Earth. As the Justice League left, the Crime Syndicate was returned to their world. Ultraman stopped Brainiac and began undoing the Justice League's interference in their world.

Luthor is free and continues to plague Ultraman. Soon after the Crime Syndicate had restored order over their Earth, Luthor had already stole the Ultraman Bank in Centropolis to gather funds for his next plan.


  • Unique Physiology: In addition to the powerful devices that aid him in his battles, Luthor has undergone considerable physical enhancement by means of genetic engineering. He also has sophisticated personal shields against telepathy.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Like his counterpart Luthor's intelligence is nearly unrivaled. He uses his mind to help the people of his world and one day destroy Ultraman and the Crime Syndicate. Luthor has solved complicated equations in a few minutes and holds a myriad of masters and degrees. He's found cures for diseases in deep thought and found ways to better mankind.
    • Gifted Businessman: Like his counterpart Luthor he is shrewd businessmen. But unlike his villainous counterpart he uses his wealth to help the people of his world. He funds various charities, which he also does to LexCorp which he impersonates his positive matter counterpart.
    • Science: Like his counterpart Luthor can solve complicated chemical equations in seconds. He understands the variety of powers associated with the human metagene and manipulated it for his own purposes.
    • Mechanical Engineering: Alexander Luthor is the greatest engineer of the Antimatter Earth.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Lex Luthor is also trained in hand-to-hand combat.



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