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Quote1 I'd be kicking myself if I didn't at least try to join up with them. They'll need a Luthor with brains. Quote2
Lex Luthor src

Lex Luthor is a famous criminal on Earth-1938.

At some point in the past, Lex Luthor was arrested for his evil actions and sent to the Federal Maximum-X Security Penitentiary Number One, in Deming, New Mexico where he became the Inmate 4587. He was able to escape many times but was arrested each time and imprisoned again in his cell; he was also allowed to enter the prison workshop where he built high-tech weapons due to his genius intellect.

At the beginning of the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the Council of Luthors, a group of Lex Luthor from the Multiverse, contacted Lex and revealed him that the reality was about to be destroyed by an antimatter wave so that they planned to use the chaos in order to conquer every world. As he believed them to need a Luthor with brains, he escaped again from his cell to be extracted from his universe.

The prison guards were alerted about his escape so they met him in the prison hall where he was forced to murder one of them with one of his weapons; as a consequence to his comrade's murder, the other guard fired an energy beam with his rifle at Lex who was seemingly killed by the shot.[1]

However, he was somehow rescued by his counterparts and teleported to Earth-99 where the Luthors had previously gathered. After the Lex Luthor of Earth-38 warned his Superman about their plans, Lex Luthor and his dopplegangers began preparing their arsenal of warsuit to be ready for the all-out war: Luthor eventually donned his suit and fought against many Superman counterparts but was eventually defeated after Earth-38 Luthor's betrayal and forced to run away from Earth-99.[2]

Later that day, Lex Luthor was erased from existence along with all the other residents of the Multiverse.[3] After the Spectre and the Paragons rebooted the Multiverse, Lex Luthor was presumably restored to the existence along with Earth-1938 and all the other destroyed realities and their residents.[4]



  • This incarnation of Lex Luthor seems to consider himself to be the best Luthor in the Multiverse.
    • He considered his warsuit to be flawless.
    • He seems to also be held in high regard by his counterparts as, while preparing for the arrival of the Supermen, one of his counterpart asked him to evaluate their warsuit arsenal.