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Quote1 Superman. I am the most intelligent person on this planet and... Wait. Batman is dead, yes? [...] Then I am the most intelligent person on the planet and I'm telling you... The world is over. It's inevitable. Quote2
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Lex Luthor is one of the most intelligent people on Earth and the greatest enemy to Superman.

During the Anti-Life Virus outbreak, Lex was seen with his sister Lena somewhere at a rooftop building in Metropolis, listening to Lois Lane's broadcast on all analog and television channels, informing those who could hear and had the means to rally at Metropolis to help confront the pandemic.[1]

In the aftermath of Captain Atom's detonation which destroyed Metropolis among other cities in the process, Lex called out Superman, which enraged the latter after assuming that his archenemy was challenging him at a heartbreaking time like this, but Lex cuts him off and calls for a truce between them. He then falls to the ground and sobs as he sees the destruction of their city.

Joining forces with the surviving heroes, Luthor and Cyborg worked together at the Fortress of Solitude to build "Arks" to fit the remaining survivors in case they ever need to leave Earth, but Superman insists that they can not abandon the planet. Luthor argued back, making Superman realize that Earth was beyond saving and that humanity has to leave Earth in order to survive the pandemic. Lex mocked the Man of Steel for losing "two homeworlds" in his lifetime, only to receive a warning by Lois Lane herself after giving Lex an excruciating right hook to the face, making his nose bleed.

As the days passed, the heroes in the Fortress began to hear a ringing in their ears and the collective ringing stops as soon as Luthor gets impaled in half by an invisible force, revealing to be an infected Martian Manhunter, who proceeded to infect The Flash, until the Martian was finally burned to death by Firestorm.[2]




  • Lex considered Batman the smartest person on Earth, with Lex himself following as the second most intelligent, right until the Caped Crusader's death.[2]



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