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Quote1 The ring spoke to me Oliver. This is how the world is saved. Quote2
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Alexander Luthor was the Green Man, a former advisor to the Wayne Royal Family turned enemy of the House of El.

Luthor was King Thomas' chief advisor. He was considered a wise and knowledgable man but was in fact arrogant and superstitious. One day, a masked man came to him and warned him that Mount Kristoff would explode in a few days, providing him with detailed plans on how to avert disaster. However, Luthor's pride would not allow him to accept the stranger's advice and he never informed the Waynes. A few days later the mountain did explode and the stranger, a man from the stars with godlike power named Jor-El and his wife Lara saved the kingdom and denounced Luthor to the Waynes, revealing that he had ignored their warnings. Luthor was banished, as his arrogance had almost destroyed the kingdom, and Jor-El and Lara took his post as advisors to the king. Angry and bitter, Luthor journeyed to the erupted mountain and found a magic ring, which granted him great power but also left him disfigured and insane.[1]

Some years later, Luthor attacked the Wayne's and the El's caravan as they journeyed to Amazonia. Luthor intended to kill the El's but destroyed the Wayne's carriage instead. Thomas and Queen Martha were killed but Martha's bastard son Bruce survived unscathed and was merely knocked unconscious. Jor-El chased after Luthor but he managed to escape.[1] Jor-El and Lara succeeded Thomas and Martha as Bruce, being illegitimate, was ineligible for the throne.

Luthor began hearing a voice telling him that he would be instrumental in bringing about a new age and was on a great mission to "save the world". He believed the ring was speaking to him but in fact the voice was the White Martian leader Protex, who was using Luthor as a useful tool in his plans to covertly take over Earth. Luthor followed the "ring's" commands, changed from a crazed lunatic to driven and focused.[2][3]

Years later the Els' rival King Jefferson approached Luthor to kill Jor-El. Protex as the "ring" told him how to use its power to enchant an arrow so it could fly for miles and harm the otherwise invulnerable Kryptonian. An archer named Oliver fired the arrow from Hobb Forest to the Castle of El and hit Jor-El in the eye, killing him instantly. Green Man departed, leaving Oliver to the Bat-Prince's wrath.[4] He returned to the Kingdom of Storms and informed Constantine that Jor-El was dead.[5]

When King Jefferson and his son Jacob were seemingly killed by the El princess Zala Jor-El, the Kingdom of Storms and the Amazons invaded the Lands of El and the ring told Luthor that the age of kings and magic was over. He followed the armies as they marched to the Castle of El. As they passed through Hobb Forest they were attacked by a witch allied with the Els, but Luthor saw her and dove down from above to stop her. He told the armies to keep moving and take the castle.[2]

When the armies reached the castle, Lara flew down and murdered Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons. The two sides charged each other and fought a brutal pitched battle. The ring ordered Luthor to slaughter everyone indiscriminately, which he gleefully did. However, in the midst of the chaos, Lara was tackled by her exact doppleganger, to everyone's shock. The two armies stopped fighting in amazement and the ring told Luthor to flee immediately.[6]

Luthor retreated to the forest and asked the ring what he should do now. The "ring" told Luthor that he would play no part in the events to come and Protex revealed himself. He ripped off the hand with the ring and dropped Luthor to his death, as the Martian's presence had been revealed and he was no longer necessary as a tool of subterfuge.[3]

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