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Lex Luthor is a brilliant businessman in Metropolis.

With a genius intellect surpassing most people, Alexander Luthor had trouble relating to people, and had resigned himself to a life spent alone. When he met his future wife, Alexandra, who had an intellect rivaling his own, Alexander found someone he could finally have a meaningful relationship with. The two married and started their own consulting firm, jokingly calling it "Lex-squared" after their common nickname.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Alexander is arguably even more intelligent than his wife, herself a genius in her own right. He is capable of designing and building devices so advanced, He is the only one who understands how they work.


  • Red Solar-Energy Cannon: An invention Lex created after studying footage of Superman's battle with Tyrell. The weapon fires a concentrated beam of synthetic solar-energy of the kind emitted by a red giant star, capable of temporarily stripping a Kryptonian of their powers.

  • Ironically, unlike most of his counterparts in the multiverse, this incarnation of Alexander Luthor is neither evil nor jealous of Superman. He actively argues with his wife on the subject of creating ways to kill Superman, finding it distasteful. Furthermore, his death had led his wife to becoming just like his other counterparts.