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Alexander Luthor was a popular, wealthy businessman who amassed a vast fortune thanks to his genius, business acumen and considerably shadier methods such like hiring a hitman to assassinate the Wayne Family, or murdering an alien baby in order to research his physiology.

In order to hide his criminal activities he passed himself as a philanthropist an even became Justice Society of America's main backer and ally. When Kara Zor-El made it to Earth, Luthor immediately positioned himself like her friend and mentor, planning to get rid of her once her usefulness came to an end.

Still Barbara Gordon, whose parents were assassinated by the hitman who was supposed to murder the Waynes, lured Luthor into Gotham as part of a plan to set him up. As in Gotham, Luthor was abducted by the Joker, hired by his ex-business partner Emil Hamilton, who looked forward to unmask Luthor. However Luthor persuaded the Joker to work for him.

Meanwhile, Supergirl and Batgirl teamed up to find Luthor. What they found instead was proof that he murdered Kara's baby cousin long ago. Supergirl wanted to kill Lex, but Batgirl talked her out of it before revealing she had used a hidden camera to expose Lex Luthor.

Luthor would bail his way out of jail, but his reputation was ruined and his bonds with the Society cut.





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