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Lex Luthor was the longtime nemesis of Superman, who during his self-imposed exile had formed a secret society of supervillain masterminds called the Mankind Liberation Front, using the constant metahuman conflict for serving his own purposes.

During that exile, Luthor had taken in Billy Batson to be his personal servant while subjecting him to various torture techniques in order for him to see that superheroes were monsters and that his Captain Marvel identity was a monster that needed to be contained.

When Superman ended his exile to deal with the metahuman conflict after the Kansas disaster, bringing back the Justice League in order to rein in the metahumans to either join his cause or to be sent to the Gulag to be reeducated, Lex Luthor was working behind the scenes to use the boiling tensions of the dissenters against Superman and the Justice League, eventually sending Billy Batson as Captain Marvel to blow open the Gulag. Bruce Wayne, who briefly aligned himself with Luthor to discover his plans, eventually turned against him and had him work menial jobs at the Wayne Manor which was turned into a hospital after Captain Marvel sacrificed himself to stop the United Nation's nuclear bomb from detonating.

Sometime later, Iban al Xu'ffasch had Luthor briefly turned into an infant in order to force him to work together with Ra's al Ghul and Brainiac on a way to prevent their reality from being altered when Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman went back in time with Hunter to rescue Superman and Wonder Woman's child from Gog. Luthor and Brainiac had developed the Chronoslip, which they said allowed whoever entered it to survive whatever changes in reality end up taking place. However, Ibn, who suspected that Luthor and Brainiac had double-crossed him, forced the two to enter the Chronoslip themselves, which ended up exploding.




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