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Quote1 Solving problems is just like eating or breathing for me and this Superman you're all so worried about is just another problem. Quote2
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Lex Luthor became a renowned American super-genius of his time and had married Lois Lane.

Luthor was also shown to be very well aware of his intellect and has very little regard for lesser minds. Employed by S.T.A.R. Labs, Luthor was approached by his government through agent James Olsen in finding ways to defeat the Soviet-raised Superman. To himself, Luthor sees this task as a simple personal game for him to challenge.

In his first attempt to destroy Superman, Luthor planned on taking genetic materials from Superman by orchestrating Sputnik 2 to plummet towards Metropolis. As predicted by Luthor, Superman arrives in time to divert its course. The satellite was retrieved by the United States government and Luthor uses the traces of DNA found on it to create a (imperfect) clone of Superman. After finished in creating the clone, Luthor unleashed it to battle Superman. However, this battle remained inconclusive after an American nuclear submarine accidentally launched a nuclear warhead on Britain, forcing the imperfect Superman clone to sacrificing himself in safely destroying the missile. Despite this, Luthor was more horrified at the implication that Superman is more intelligent than him after previously losing a chess game to the clone. He murdered his research staff before leaving S.T.A.R. Labs and founding LuthorCorp, dedicating his life to destroying Superman. But at the cost of worsening his marriage with Lois, which he planned ahead in settling a brief divorce.

By 1978, Luthor had aligned with Brainiac in trying another of his hundreds of attempts to defeat the Man of Steel by shrinking Moscow. Unfortunately, Brainiac mistakenly shrunk Stalingrad instead, much to Luthor's great displeasure. He later provided aid to the anarchist Batman, providing him red-sun solar rays in weakening Superman for the dark vigilante's personal vendetta. When the United States fell into dire unrest, President John F. Kennedy summoned Luthor to a decommissioned Area 51 where he was given a Green Lantern Battery along with ring that came from the crashed spaceship of a Green Lantern alien. Bestowing him another deterrence against Superman with the creation of a American Marine-based Green Lantern Corps.

By 2001 Lex ran for, and won, the American presidency, with Jimmy Olsen as his running-mate. He succeeded a President Friedman, whose misrule resulted in food riots and tanks on New York's First Avenue. Using his scientific expertise, massive economic capital and dictatorial powers, he returns prosperity to his country, overcoming the secession that had sundered the United States fifteen years beforehand by creating a strict internal market where he had absolute control over every dollar bill distributed in the US. However, this was only a part of a more general plan to provoke Superman into invading America so that he can be destroyed.

Later, Luthor confronted Superman in the Siberian Winter Palace stating that he came to fight him on his own terms with the minds. Superman's reprogrammed Brainiac subdued and captured him, claiming that Lex would convince Superman to commit suicide in less than fourteen minutes. This forces Superman to invade the United States. But this was going according to Lex's plans as he had previously laid out his "last weapon" in the form of a written letter for his wife Lois to give it to Superman, reading: "Why don't you just put the whole WORLD in a BOTTLE, Superman?" A reminder to Superman's greatest defeat in failing to restore Stalingrad's size and the reason for his open domination of humanity, broke Superman's resolve. Just as Superman was commanding Brainiac to end the invasion the A.I. defied and revealed his intentions to control humanity for his own purposes. But Luthor deactivated the rampaging robot which overloads the nuclear power source of Brainiac's invasion ship into basically a bomb. This forces Superman to sacrifice himself to push it out safely into far space, where it blows up and supposedly killing Superman in the offworld explosion.

With Superman's sacrifice and apparent death, Lex integrated many of Superman's ideas into the new philosophy of "Luthorism" and formed a "Global United States". This became the defining moment for mankind's future as it enters an unprecedented age of peace and stability. A benevolent world government was formed and maintained, and Luthor presided over a string of scientific achievements, including the cure of all known disease, and colonization of the solar system. Lex Luthor lived for over two thousand years. After his death, his descendants followed in Lex's progressive footsteps, achieving great scientific discoveries and contributions for mankind.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Doctor Luthor possesses a level 9 intelligence. He won several chess games during a coffee break and designed a portable tape recorder in a morning, for instance. He is also literate, having read Machiavelli's Il Principe and he taught himself Urdu and how to read lips. He excels in mathematics, as he scribbled a formula to balance the federal budget and offered to provide a permanent cure for inflation. He designed a computer system to play chess against because of how easy his victories were against humans.

  • This incarnation of Lex is possibly the smartest in the multiverse, due to his amazing sociological and scientific experiments, the prime example being his form of government ushering in thousands of years of lasting world peace. Although, this status as the most intelligent incarnation is somewhat debatable considering Lex pilfered many of the designs for his government reform from ideas created by Superman and Braniac.


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