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Quote1 He was wrong. They were all wrong. No more rivals to cage or reduce him. To decay Luthor's potential...there is no other path...there is only Luthor. Quote2
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Lex Luthor became a constant foe of Superman ever since an accident that took place that robbed him of his hair -- an accident that he blamed on Superboy.

In 1929, Lex Luthor was believed to have worked for a scientist named Dr. Erwin Stanislaus in Gotham City under the identity of Rex Thorul when he used the scientist's equipment to build himself a robot for rampaging through the city. As Lex brought his mechanical creation to life, both Superboy and Robin confronted him while he abducted the young journalist student Lois Lane with one of the robot's metal claws. Unable to defeat either of them, Luthor made his exit via hovercraft and left Superboy and Robin to contend with the robot running amok with its system controls fused. He hid in the laboratory of Dr. Stanislaus and disguised himself as him in the hopes of throwing both Superboy and Robin off track as they with Lois Lane went to the laboratory to question him. However, Superboy detected the fresh use of spirit gum and revealed Dr. Stanislaus to be Luthor. Instantly he grabbed Lois Lane and activated a portable heli-pack in order to make his escape, but as Superboy tried to follow Luthor, the villain pulled out a piece of Green Kryptonite to keep the Boy of Steel at bay. Robin used a piece of curved metal to throw at Luthor's hand to knock the Kryptonite out of his hand and to cover it up with a lead pipe. Luthor then dumped Lois Lane onto Robin and tried to fly off, but Superboy chopped off one of the heli-pack's propeller blades and brought Luthor to the ground, where the authorities came to take him away.

Luthor next showed up in 1939 as a henchman of the Ultra-Humanite, who made his hideout underneath the Metropolis World's Fair and threatened people by controlling the Electrox robot that was on display. Although Luthor tried to make his escape with the Ultra-Humanite as he turned the Pyramax into an escape rocket, Superman stopped the rocket by throwing the Hyperglobe straight at it. Luthor suffered brain damage and was believed to have been brain-dead when the Ultra-Humanite's robotic servitors found him and the Ultra-Humanite in the rocket's wreckage. The Ultra-Humanite then had his brain transplanted into the still functional body of Lex Luthor, making Superman believe for years that Luthor had survived and was responsible for the deaths of Superman's wife, son, and daughter.

In 2008, Lex Luthor woke up in a laboratory full of putty-faced alien scientists who had his brain put in stasis while trying to remove his antisocial tendencies. His brain was now put into a robotic body which was given great physical strength and power. Lex used this body to wreak havoc in the middle of downtown Metropolis, drawing the attention of various superheroes such as Clark Wayne (Knight-Wing), Jay West (Flash), Janet (Black-Hawk), Victor Stone (Cyborg), and Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) to stop him. After Hal cut off the limbs of Lex's robotic form, he and the other heroes delivered him to the putty-faced alien scientists who revealed that it was Lex Luthor's brain inside the robot.



  • Cybernetic Enhancement: As Lex Luthor, a giant robot with a detachable hoverseat, and a collapsible heli-pack.



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