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Lex Luthor is a character in the Injustice universe. However, unlike other versions of himself, he was a law-abiding citizen and a close friend of both Superman and Lois Lane.

Prior to Metropolis

Despite having interests in Lane, he was aware of her romance with Clark and did not step in, believing her choice to be the right one.

When Clark suffered his first "death" at the hands of Doomsday, Luthor, fearing of a world without its Man of Steel, created a project that would attempt to clone the kryptonian together with his DNA. Although Superboy was the result of this, an enraged Clark later destroyed all of Luthor's data to prevent such a thing from occurring again.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One

Lex was in Metropolis when the nuke wiped out the city. Secretly, he had a paid speedster to transport him to a secure, underground bunker in the case of an emergency. Because of this, he was one of the city's only survivors but was trapped within the bunker thanks to outside radiation.

After making multiple distress calls, one of them reaches Superman, who immediately bursts in, surprised to still see his best friend alive. Understanding his friend's pain after losing his family and city, Luthor agrees to help set up the Regime, but deduces that Batman would likely have a mole in their ranks. This is proven true when it is revealed that Hawkgirl was abducted and a disguised Martian Manhunter had taken her place. Lex would later help develop the 5-U-93-R Pill.

He is with Superman and the remaining members of the Justice League when they announce the beginning of the One Earth Government.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two

Some time between the events of Year One and Year Two, Lex established contact with Batman and was allied with them to stop his friend's madness. Through this, Lex would mostly act behind-the-scenes in the regime's work, often acting within LexCorp's range. During the Green Lanterns' invasion of Earth, Lex is "kidnapped" by Jim Gordon and he transports the police director to the Justice League's watchtower in order to stop Cyborg from tracing Oracle's network.

The "unconscious" Lex is later left behind to be found by the rest of the Regime.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three

Lex continues to support Superman through his next conflict with Batman, but only plays a minor role throughout. He is briefly seen when Superman is placed under indefinite sleep by Batman, and he makes failed experiments to wake his friend.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Four

During Year Four, Lex's secret project of cloning Superman to combat his friend is finally underway, and he is still busy developing a proper specimen. When he is contacted by Bruce, who reveals his next plan to invite the gods to depose Superman, Lex simply responds, "Desperate times call for desperate measures". He is later seen performing an experimental surgery on Oracle which successfully repairs her spine and helping her regain the use of her legs.

While Lex's transceiver receives Superman's request for aid against Hermes's forces, he doesn't answer it, instead focusing on his project. After Superman is forced to disband the regime, Lex meets his friend and Ares in order to have Poseidon challenge Zeus's control. Once Superman leaves, Lex continues to resume his project. Unexpectedly, his specimen escapes its pod, much to Luthor's dismay.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five

With Superman's rule now solidified after Batman's repeated failures, Superman now begins considering having former villains aid in the regime's work. Superman would first drop off an unconscious Doomsday to LexCorp's door in order to have Lex take control of the creature. While trying to trace back Bizarro, Superman drops chunks of a defeated Solomon Grundy, asking Luthor to repurpose the villain for their benefit.

As he was completing this task, Bizarro surprisingly returns to him, carrying the dead Trickster and the creature asks its creator for help in "fixing" its friend. Though Luthor apologetically notes that it is too late, he is able to run tests on Bizarro, finding all his physical capabilities to match Superman's. Fearing that this will be tracked back to him, he sends Bizarro to the Fortress of Solitude in order to be killed.

On the way, however, Superman orders Luthor to have Doomsday go on a test run, and he gets the two fight each other. When Bizarro appears to get the upper-hand, Clark joins the fight, but Luthor reprograms Doomsday to attack Superman instead, claiming a "malfunction".

Unable to kill his friend, Luthor eventually covers his tracks by having Doomsday finish Bizarro, against Superman's request to keep his imposter alive. Superman later drops Bizarro's corpse on Luthor's desk for further analysis.

After Hawkman's attack on Superman with a kryptonite mace, Luthor reveals it to only be a synthetic version of the element, which will only keep Superman sick temporarily. With the kryptonite of Mongul being revealed to be a fake, Batman reveals a hidden piece he kept within the Batcave, but would require the DNA of the dead Green Arrow, the intimidated Aquaman and the regime-aligned Hal Jordan (Injustice) and Wonder Woman. Luthor, however, decides to bring in alternate versions of the heroes from other universes with the Speed Force's energy he secretly siphoned from Flash's construction work at Metropolis.

To do this, they require a Mother Box, which is securely stored within S.T.A.R. Labs. As Batman was a heavily predictable intruder, the pair instead hire a retired Deathstroke to infiltrate the facility for them. Although Deathstroke failed to obtain the Mother Box or escape, he was able to send them the schematics for the contraption. Shortly after Lex successfully recreates a Mother Box and the dimensional transporter, Superman, having been tipped off by Catwoman, attacks them during the process of transporting alternate heroes. To keep Lex's cover from being blown, Batgirl immediately sends Luthor back to his office in LexCorp.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Working undercover for the Insurgency, Luthor assists Batman as they successfully transport over heroes from a parallel dimension to assist in taking down Superman. He is first seen coming into the meeting room where Batman discuss with the Earth One superheroes regarding Superman. He assured the heroes that he has never indulged in law-breaking. He is later seen meeting with Deathstroke, and was surprised by Deathstroke's decision to finally join them after previous refusals, with the assassin noting that the Regime provoked this and made the matter personal. Since Batman's kryptonite weapon was damaged, the Insurgency ends up transporting the alternate Cyborg. The unknowing Cyborg would then attack and defeat both Luthor and Wilson before Batman explains the true situation.

When the alternate Cyborg's espionage is uncovered by the Injustice universe's Cyborg, Luthor is able to intercept his Cyborg's distress call and has the alternate Wonder Woman fake a response.

With his warsuit now complete, Luthor tried to use Batman's kryptonite to keep the leader of the Insurgency from being placed in risk. En-route to Metropolis, he is attacked by both Harley Quinn and the alternate Joker, and he convinces the former to finally move past her obsession of her partner. He then defeats Hawkgirl in order to acquire her Nth metal equipment before stopping Shazam. Learning that the Watchtower was destroyed, but Superman was relatively fine, he immediately called out his former friend for battle. Before he could utilize the kryptonite, he was struck from behind by Shazam, and as a result, he was killed by Superman.

Luthor's sacrifice and the loss of the kryptonite convinces the alternate universe heroes to bring in their Superman to finish the fight against the Regime.

After the final victory, his sacrifice is remembered and mourned by the alternate Cyborg.

Injustice 2 (comic)

After his death, Lex had left a holographic message for Bruce Wayne, entrusting the remainder of LexCorp's assets and resources to help Bruce rebuild the world from scratch. The late-Lex also asks for Bruce to widen his circle of trust if he wishes to truly rehabilitate the world.




  • Energy Stick

  • Unlike the almost every DC comic series, this version of Alexander Luthor never involved in criminal activities and doesn't carry any homicidal tendencies. He also had a partnership with Bruce Wayne.



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