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Lex Luthor was the former enemy of Superman. He was changed by the Man of Steel's impassioned speech for Justice, but his half-hearted speech for Doom ended up turning humanity evil.

At some point, when the world was in the midst of climate change and political strife, Luthor challenged Superman to a debate to settle once and for all which was more powerful: Justice or Doom. The debate would be broadcast to the entire world, and the loser would be impaled by sunstone shards reacting to humanity's consensus. Superman gave a masterful speech advocating for good, which was so powerful, Luthor realized the error of his ways. Luthor then gave a half-hearted speech advocating for evil, expecting to lose and Superman to save him from the shards. However, what he did not expect was for humanity to be convinced by his argument for evil and voted for Superman to be killed.[1] The world devolved into anarchy, with humanity killing their superheroes before turning on the supervillains.[2]

Luthor managed to survive, and took residence in the Fortress of Solitude, where he recreated the Kent farm and got to work trying to create a new Superman. He modified the Superman Robots, created a clone, and eventually turned to trying to bring in infant Kal-Els from different universes. However, each of these attempts ended in failure. When Batman arrived in an attempt to find Superman, Luthor welcomed him and, when pressed, revealed to him the truth about what happened. It was then that his Superman clone attacked the two, under the control of Scarecrow and Bane. The clone would have killed them if it were not for Wonder Woman. However, Scarecrow unleashed the other clones. Luthor then opened a portal for Bruce and Diana to escape, and stayed behind to keep the clones from following the two. Diana then stated that while she would never forgive Luthor, she would speak of his sacrifice. Luthor was killed by the clones.[1]


  • Genius Level Intellect: Luthor is an unparalleled genius, creating technology to search the multiverse for alternate versions of Kal-El, alongside creating clones of the latter.
  • Robotic Engineering: He was able to modify his own archenemy's Superman Robots by infusing them with Kryptonian cells in an attempt to recreate the Man of Steel.