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Quote1 What happens when he decides that having powers means he doesn't have to follow our laws anymore? If he really wanted to hurt us, what could we do about it? With how powerful Superman is, just him having a bad day could spell the end for us. Can you really say we're safer with him overhead? Quote2
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Alexander Luthor[1] Is the founder and CEO of LexCorp.

After being exposed to the chaos that accrued during the AmazoTech gala, he became an enemy of Superman and an ally of Amanda Waller.

Early Start

Alex was the disgruntled assistant of Anthony Ivo who owned the company AmazoTech, he helped Ivo with all his inventions.[2]

When AmazoTech later failed, Alex went searching for other jobs, he was later asked by Vicki Vale on his thoughts on Superman, Alex stated he believed Superman to be dangerous due to all his power. Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane retorted that his arguments were without merit, however Alex further stated that with just one bad day, who knows what Superman could do. Even referring to Superman as the "End of the world".[3]

Alex would later be on his phone where he watched a video live stream made by Flamebird in which Jimmy and Lois talked about how inspiring Superman was. Alex, hearing his words corrupted, just looked away from the phone in disgust and rolled his eyes. [4]

Rise of Lex Luthor

Alex would later be applying for a job at S.T.A.R. Labs but would be rejected, Jimmy not recognizing Alex, would go over to him to offer some words of encouragement. Jimmy introduced himself, however before Alex could do the same Jimmy was called away, his words, however stayed with Alex. [5]

Alex would sometime later somehow arrive at Stryker's Island Penitentiary where he would save Amanda Waller from being attacked when Ivo lunged at her. Waller asked for his name and Alex was originally going to decide to go with his birth name but remembering what Jimmy said instead introduced himself as "Lex Luthor" to which Waller welcomed him to Task Force X. [6]

While working with Task Force X, Lex would establish his own company called LexCorp and would begin looking for a building to take for his lab. When Amertek shut down due to Thomas Weston, the CEO trying to blow up the city when caught Lex decided to buy the building for his lab. He snidely told John Henry Irons to leave his armor as it was now his property and that he wouldn't want to have to hunt down one of the "city's silly superheroes", John reluctantly did as he said. [7]


  • Lex was originally banned from being used in My Adventures with Superman as were a lot of his rogue's gallery. So, when animating they decided to make Lex go by his first name of Alex until the reveal in season 2



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