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Lex Luthor is the genius, ego-centric Metropolis businessman who, with his company LexCorp, and scientifically advanced Warsuit, has acted as both an antagonist and ally to Superman and the Justice League.

Early Life

Alexander Luthor was born and raised in Smallville, Kansas with a sickly sister, Lena, whom he promised to cure. Unfortunately, despite his prodigious abilities, he was never able to. According to his mother, by the time Lex was four years old, he was a skilled piano player, able to play any song by ear the moment he heard it, but was unable to compose his own music.

Lex's father, Lionel was the main scientist of the Legionnaires Club, an organization created by Vandal Savage to find the hidden secrets of the universe through an approaching event known as the totality.[3] In an attempt to create a human-martian hybrid species behind Savage's back, Lionel used a device to capture a martian child from across time and space, the young J'onn J'onzz.

Lionel instructed Lex to bond with J'onn in order to gain his trust, however Lex, under the name "Albie" (like L-B, or L-2, Lionel being L-1) became close friends with J'onn as they communicated telepathically as well with a special communicator on Lex's shirts, creating messages out of infrared light.

Eventually, with the threat of the Blackhawks shutting them down, the Legionnaires prepared to kill J'onn. Fearing for his friend's life, Lex altered the killing machine to send J'onn back to his home, revealing his true name with his final message.

With the knowledge of Lionel's secret now known to Savage, he attacked and shut down the Legionnaires, altering the minds of all of those involved to forget the entire organization. With the memories of his life taken from him, Lionel became a broken shell of a man, drinking heavily and frequently beating his family.[4]. Despite the intervention of Vandal Savage, Lex's mother, Leticia, retained her ambition and eventually served as inspiration for Lex to move to Metropolis.[5]

As a young man, Lex had a contentious relationship with fellow Smallville teens Clark Kent and Lana Lang. As a young man, he discovered a fragment of Kryptonite in Smallville, and became obsessed with the unearthly element and its capabilities.[6]


Attempts at Heroism and Early Career

As a young adult, Lex Luthor moved to Metropolis. According to Lex, he arrived "full of heart, hope, and plans", and while cynical, he had not fully lost hope in humanity yet.

On his first day in the city, he caught wind of a string of missing persons cases. Investigating, he discovered that hundreds had been taken, and used his scientific acumen to track down and confront the perpetrators, madmen known as Doctor Pharm and Doctor Graft. Creating a costume consisting of a purple-and-green jacket emblazoned with an L and a utility belt, he used his inventions to attempt to take down the mad scientists. Acting as an early hero for his adopted city, Luthor came into conflict with Pharm and Graft many times.[7].

After months of skirmishes with Pharm and Graft, he'd finally cornered them when he discovered that they were experimenting with Kryptonite, an element that had fascinated him all his life. His scientific curiosity won out, and he made a deal with them. During this period, lived and worked with his mother, Leticia, who had begun work on a startup that would eventually become Lexcorp. Ultimately, Lex betrayed all three, discarding Pharm and Graft and stealing Lexcorp out from under his mother.[8]

When construction on Stryker's Island Penitentiary began, Lex was contracted by Sebastian Stryker to create metahuman guards. To this end, he experimented on Stryker's son, Samuel Stryker, imbuing him with tactile telekinesis. During this period he also began to suffer from male-pattern baldness.


When he began intercepting signals from an alien craft that called itself the "Brain Inter-Acting Construct", he set up a dialogue, trading data about Earth for alien scientific knowledge.

Through a strange benefactor, he was recruited into an alliance of convenience with General Lane of Project: Steel Soldier and Glen Glenmorgan, the corporate master of Metropolis, against Superman. However, Luthor double-crossed Lane and Glenmorgan, stealing the Kryptonite the group planned to use, and leaked their plan to a reporter named Clark Kent.[9]

Superman Vol 3 15 Textless

Lex Luthor in prison

He attempted to aid Brainiac during the shrinking of Metropolis, but, in the aftermath, there was no evidence and so the government was forced to let him go. Luthor spent the next several years filling the power vacuum in Metropolis left by Glenmorgan.

Criminal Operations

Over the years, Lex became Superman's fiercest enemy, coming into conflict in arenas both public and private.

On more than one occasion, Luthor attempted to create his own subservient Superman; despite loathing Superman, he very much saw the value in having such a being under his control. One of his first attempts was subject Subject A-0, an experiment that resulted in a partial success, as A-0 was successfully imbued with Superman's powers. However, he was also transformed into a hulking monstrosity, and eventually perished. Lex used some of the information gained from Subject A-0 to begin the creation of Subject B-0, also known as Bizarro, though this process would take several years.

Prior to Superman's apparent death, Lex Luthor was involved with The Agenda and Project Cadmus, and his genes were used in the creation of a genetically modified clone of both him and Superman, an individual who would become known as Kon-El, or Superboy.[10][11]

At some point, Lex was elected President of the United States. He also fathered a daughter, Lena Luthor II, apparently named after his sister. Though unknown circumstances, Lena became tied to Brainiac. Eventually, he sent Lena away to the private island that also served as his mother's gilded cage, where Lena remained for several years as she grew into a somewhat rebellious youth.[12]

Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman would later fight against a team-up of Lex Luthor and Metallo. Diana defeated Metallo, unbeknownst to Lex, allowing Martian Manhunter to assume his shape. Superman then pretended to be affected by 'Metallo's' Kryptonite. Seeing victory ahead, Lex took a moment to gloat; unbeknownst to him, Manhunter's faux-Kryptonite was a recording device, and his admission of attempted murder was enough evidence to send him to prison.[13]

Superman later visited Luthor in prison, seeking to discuss the fact that the welder who would link Lex to Metallo's armor plating had gone missing. Instead, Lex offered to place Chess with Superman, who humored him for a short while- until he was informed that the welder had been found, safe but a little worse for wear. He then left, telling Lex that he wasn't 'playing his game'.[14] Eventually, he was released.


About a year before Flashpoint he instigated the American invasion of Qurac so that he could sell his super-weapons to the army by smuggling mech-suits to the embattled regime, which was struggling to put down a pr-democracy uprising. During this period, he created a monster, receiving a facial scar across the left side of his face in the fight. Luthor spent a year jailed within a Hypermax Prison in Utah that he himself had designed, during which Superman would sometimes visit to ask his opinion of a particularly troubling scientific disaster. Using custom hellstreak warheads, Lex was able to obtain a sample of Superman's genetic code. Using this info, Luthor infected Superman with a designer pathogen. The infected cells rapidly multiplied, becoming a hostile being called Hybrid. Superman was able to defeat the being; in the meantime, Lex unleashed the virus on the population of Metropolis, intending to use it to 'expose' the Kryptonian as a menace. In the field, Lex attacked Superman in a new warsuit. Eventually, Superman defeated Lex, and Lex was arrested, imprisoned within a Hypermax Prison of his own design.

New 52

Superman Unchained

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Forever Evil

While in prison, Lex was visited by Pandora, a mysterious woman who believed he could open her box with the darkness of his heart, but a group of heroes led by Wonder Woman broke into his cell in an attempt to seize the box.[15] Soon after, Luthor was released from prison and returned to his position as the CEO of LexCorp, just in time to witness the Crime Syndicate arrive and announce that criminals were free to walk the Earth.[16]

Forever Evil Vol 1 5 Textless

Lex Luthor saves the world

Determined to stop the Crime Syndicate from controlling his world, Lex chose to awaken his unfinished Superman clone Subject B-0 and initiate the Syndicate's downfall. Both unlikely heroes explored the destroyed remains of Metropolis and recruited a handful of other villains that opposed the new world order, forming their own "Injustice League".[17]

When finally preparing to fight the Syndicate, a new enemy - Mazahs, Lex's Earth 3 analogue - attacked Luthor and his allies. However, Mazahs' power was no match for Lex's superior intellect, and Lex defeated and killed his counterpart in battle. In the aftermath, after the Crime Syndicate had been dethroned and the Justice League had been restored from the Firestorm Matrix where they had been trapped, Luthor and the rest of the Injustice League were regarded as heroes and celebrated for their courageous efforts.[18]

Justice League

Justice League Vol 2 30 Textless

Lex Luthor, Justice League member

In the wake of the invasion, public opinion of Lex Luthor was incredibly favorable, and he decided that he liked it. In an effort to continue being regarded as a hero, he tried to convince the Justice League to recruit him, but was initially unsuccessful. The Justice League eventually talked about how Luthor was going to keep on his crusade with or without the help of the Justice League and, begrudgingly, allowed him to join.

One of the first missions Luthor spent with the Justice League was tracking down the Crime Syndicate member Power Ring's power ring, which had flown onto the hand of Jessica Cruz following his death, and invited Cruz to join their ranks.

After opening up LexCorp for an open house on his company, Luthor was attacked by an assassin named Neutron. Though Luthor and the Justice League repelled Neutron, the assassin accidentally released LexCorp's secret project - the Amazo Virus - that turned all of Metropolis into a quarantine zone.[19] Luthor and the League worked together to contain the virus and heal all the infected.[20]

Darkseid War

 Main article: Justice League: The Darkseid War

During the conflict between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, Lex traveled with the Justice League to the planet Apokolips. After Darkseid's death, a large amount of energy from the Anti-Life Equation was released, giving Lex and the rest of the League all-new special abilities. Luthor, absorbing a large amount of Darkseid's energy, was deemed the "God of Apokolips" and became the new Darkseid.

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 Main article: DC Rebirth

Action Comics Vol 1 967 Textless Variant

Lex Luthor, the new Superman

Lex returned to earth, becoming bored of Apokolips, and shortly thereafter learned of Superman's death. Inspired to become the hero of Metropolis that his sister could be proud of when she awakens, Luthor quickly bought out the Daily Planet to retrieve Superman's cape and declared himself the new Superman.[21]

The next day, he went public by stopping a robbery and hostage situation on live television. However, the Pre-Flashpoint Clark Kent, who had arrived in the current timeline after the events of Convergence, was watching and donned his Superman uniform, believing that Luthor was the same evil mastermind as his Luthor. Superman quickly showed, attempting to "stop" Luthor. However, before the fight could escalate any further, a captive Doomsday appeared, which was the target of the robbery, and both Supermen worked together to stop it.[22]

Later, Luthor was targeted by two aliens named Godslayer and Zade who had foreseen that Luthor would one day once again take Darkseid's place on Apokolips and commit worse deeds than the New God himself.[23] Taken to their planet, Luthor was rescued by the new/old Superman, and the Supermen, again, had to work together to escape the assassins and return to Earth.[24]

Later, after having multiple trust issues with Superman, Lex Luthor ripped the Superman symbol from his armor, claiming that Superman abandoned him. While he did not return to his evil ways, he now acted as an independent hero, with plans that he would not share with the Superman Family.[25] He was then recruited into Team Entropy by Brainiac to assist fighting Omega Titans. Continuing to face mistrust from other superheroes and being called a villain, Luthor discussed his feelings about the situation with Martian Manhunter. He ended up an instrumental part of the plan to stop the Omega Titans: when Deathstroke failed to imbue Justice League's weapon with the power of entropy, Lex took it from him, and to Slade's surprise, gave it the necessary essence of entropy, despite his supposed status as a hero. This has given Lex the epiphany, regarding Earth and humanity representing the universal force of entropy, which he shared with Martian Manhunter and made an ominous promise to meet again sooner than he and the Justice League might have wanted.[26]

Legion of Doom


After Luthor's revelation that the main force of Earth was entropy, and that his life as a hero was meaningless, Luthor set out to see just how true this was, building a time machine and travelling one million years into the future. What he found was a world in which everyone worshipped him, where after centuries of destruction between heroes and villains, humanity found the lost journals of Lex Luthor and began to follow his teachings. In this world, people did not try to make the world a better one, but instead accepted it as it is, with faults and entropy. Shocked at this future, Luthor learned that the reason humanity went down this route was because he himself missed something, a secret, that would change everything. The people of the future could not tell Luthor what it exactly was, but they showed him a symbol that represented it.

Waking up in the present, Luthor spent time recreating all of the technology he saw on his travels from memory, and looking into all possible events he could have overlooked to bring about that future. The only thing he could find, however, was an invitation to a reunion of the Legionnaires Club in Kansas. Using the opportunity to blow off some steam, Lex bought the building and loaded it with explosives, as a last way to get revenge at his abusive father. However, during the explosion, Lex found a door that only he could see, with a glowing doorknob, having the symbol that the future showed him engraved on it.

Using the door, Lex found the remains of the true Legionnaires Club, and all of their readings on The Totality, and how it would change the world. Reading up on the seven forces of Perpetua, Lex realized that the only way to fully access this power, the power of accepting reality as it is, not as it should be, he would need a team to access the seven powers. Realizing what he needed to do to bring about 'doom,' Lex began to recruit the Legion of Doom.

Justice League Vol 4 5 Textless

Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom

Lex began to recruit members to his new Legion, starting with Gorilla Grodd and Sinestro, appealing to them with the promise of a way to finally beat The Flash and a way to obtain the Invisible Spectrum, respectively.

Soon, he found his way to The Joker, who promised to join the Legion as long as Lex never associated himself with The Batman Who Laughs, Who Lex had captured. Unbeknownst to Lex, Joker planned on playing the ultimate joke on him, to make it so that they came incredibly close to winning, and then betraying him at the last minute.

With his new Legion of Doom, including members Black Manta and Cheetah, they began to hatch their ultimate plan.

When Joker ultimately found out that Luthor had lied and talked to the Batman Who Laughs regardless, he systematically took down all members of the Legion of Doom with Joker Venom and left Lex chained. He talked to Lex about the ways he could kill them all; putting each member of the Legion in their own deathtrap, teleport their base into the sun, and have Lex slowly die from a specially made strain of the Joker Venom, but decided to go against it. He told Lex that whatever he had planned, it is nothing compared to what the Batman Who Laughs was going to do to him the moment he was free.

Joker left the Legion, but not before curing the Legion and their new recruits of the Joker Toxin; the latter ultimately leave as they don't want anything to do with what the legion has planned. [27]

Apex Predator
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Hell Arisen

Lex Luthor Year of the Villain Vol 1 1 Textless

Apex Lex

Sometime after the supposed defeat of the Justice League [28] and the recruitment of the newly revived Crime Syndicate from Earth 3, Perpetua had charged Lex Luthor with stopping the Batman Who Laughs, stating the energies of the Dark Multiverse were a threat to her. However he fell into a trap by the Batman Who Laughs' Team: The Secret Six, and found that his powers didn't work on them as their power draws from Dark Multiverse.[29]

He managed to escape, but just barely and realized that Laughs had infected 666 superheroes while retrieving a sample from Gordon. Luthor was however saved by The Joker, under the orders of Mercy Graves from much earlier, who advised him to be himself in order to defeat the Batman Who Laughs lest he share the same fate as the rest of the Legion of Doom, who were now a part of Perpetua's Throne.[30][31]

Luthor later assembled a team of all the remaining villains left who had accepted his offers to take on Laughs' infected heroes. During the fight, Lex Luthor stripped The Batman who Laughs of his Dark Metal visor knowing full well it was the only thing that was keeping him grounded on their Earth, but tricked Lex in turn with explosives and took back his visor. The nightmare Batman then ordered for Supergirl to put fire in the area, mocking Lex due to the weakness to fire of his Human/Martian form and wished that Perpetua was watching as he dies.

Despite his injury due to the fire, Lex rose up from the ground and declared to the Batman Who Laughs that he should have gone with the kill before stabbing him with a blade containing an antidote to his dark infection, freeing those infected by the Batman who Laughs. Before the newly freed heroes could do anything Lex then teleports himself alongside Mercy and the subdued Batman Who Laughs back in the Godhead, where Lex showed to Perpetua his victory.

However it was all just a ruse from the Batman Who Laughs. He told her that he knew her and heard all what she promised to Barbatos to draw him up into the light, and he explained that he told Lex Luthor her name and the means to unlock her powers; how she missed the Justice League who were saved and sent by the Quintessence in a journey to end Pereptua for good if she didn't act quickly, while also pointing out that Lex was too myopic to realize that the supposed future that he saw where all worshipped him might have been a fake. The Batman Who Laughs bowed, saying that she should choose him over Lex to be her second in charge.

Shocked that Perpetua had actually listened to The Batman who Laughs, Lex ordered Perpetua to kill the monster at once, but instead depowered Lex for his insolence, turning him human again. Amused, Lex told to Perpetua that he didn't need anything from her and that he never did. Perpetua called him disappointing before casting Lex back to Earth-0 with Mercy close behind.

Powerless and back on Earth, Mercy rushed over to Lex in a crater who tearfully said to her that they were all dead now. Knowing fully well that it was only going to get worse from here.[32]

Death Metal

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Infinite Frontier

Project Blackout and Metallo

Superman Vol 6 1 Textless Rodriguez Variant

Lex sits in his cell

Upon Superman's return to Earth, Lex launched a remote-controlled Warsuit to Warworld so that it could retrieve an Orphan Box from an alien corpse. Luthor brought this Orphan Box to Metallo in Stryker's Island and offered to give him a new body.[33] Metallo refused, so Luthor decided to kidnap his sister, Tracy Corben as leverage. Lex told Metallo that he would be framing Tracy for murder and Metallo reluctantly joined him.[34] Luthor killed Manchester Black for not wanting to be his mole anymore. Superman defeated Luthor and imprisoned him in Stryker's Island for Black's murder.[35] While in Prison, an entity impersonating Luthor instructed Metallo to kill the Superman Family.[36] Superman confronted Lex about this in his cell.[37]




Other Characteristics



  • Lex Luthor's Warsuit: Throughout his career Luthor has used several high-tech warsuit that conferred his several superhuman abilities. During his period as Superman he used a warsuit constructed out of Apokalyptian technology but has since then reverted back to a more classic warsuit. After Superman's return from Warworld he upgraded his suit with alien technology given to him by Manchester Black.[57]
    • Energy Projection: Luthor's warsuit can release blasts of energy from its gauntlets capable of taking down an opponent wearing an heavily armored suit with just one blast.[60]
    • Flight: Lex's warsuit can fly fast enough to keep up with the likes of Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Flash and Superman.[61]
    • Superhuman Strength: Luthor's warsuit enhances his strength to the point where he can send a car flying in the air with a single kick and fight toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel and even draw blood from him.[57]
    • Superhuman Durability: Lex's warsuit enhances his durability to incredible levels, while wearing it he can survive blws from the likes of Teth-Adam without any serious damage.[62] After recent upgrades he was completely undamaged after Superman threw him on the moon from Earth's stratosphere.[57]
    • Force Field
  • Motherbox
    • Teleportation: Luthor's latest suit could teleport Superman from the lunar orbit to the Canis Major system.[57]

  • The trademark red hair of Luthors comes from Hannah Alexandria Luthor becoming pregnant with the child of Jimberly Jimmington Olsen, after the two engaged in a relationship despite the disapproval of both their families. This makes Lex a distant cousin to Jimmy Olsen.[1]
  • Lex owns the Mona Lisa.[64]



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