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The disembodied brain of Lex Luthor was placed in Metallex. He was a member of the resistance against the Malazza-Rem.

The Longest Night

After the Malazza-Rem invasion of earth, Lex was made the representative to the humans, but he betrayed them and was thrown off of a building and it was ordered that he be left where he fell to serve as a warning. A resistance against the Malazza-Rem replaces Luthor's body and are able to save his brain and put it into Metallo's body. Years later, Jimmy Olsen brings Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superboy, Superman, and Wonder Woman to the resistance bunker and they begin to train with the resistance, and Superboy dubs them the Super Seven.

Men of Steel

Lana Lang arrives at the resistance bunker, and Lex is initially suspicious of her due to her having taken his place as the human representative to the Malazza-Rem. His suspicions prove to be well placed when she leads them into a trap. Lex and the Super Seven then fight the oncoming horde, but in the struggle lose Wonder Woman, and Flash. At some time during the fight, Metallex is captured by the Malazza-Rem and his Kryptonite power source is ripped out of him to be used as a weapon against Superman. Superboy then struggles to defeat the Malazza-Rem's leader Grend'll, whom Lex, now running on emergency power, helps to defeat. With Grend'll killed, Lex re-inserts his Kryptonite and they discover that exposure to the mineral had killed Superman. It is then suggested that Superboy should take Superman's costume, and carry Grend'll's body out of the ship. After the Malazza-Rem are defeated, Lex tries to get the government to rebuild Metropolis, but is having difficulty convincing them.





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