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Lex Luthor was a disaffected scientist from The World of Tomorrow. He was convinced that Dr. Martha Wayne was stealing his ideas and began a crusade against Wayne Enterprises, calling himself The Unknown Wizard.

Luthor was an aspiring inventor who developed potentially world-changing technology, yet every time he created something Wayne Enterprises would announce it before he could. He became convinced that Martha Wayne was somehow spying on him and stealing his inventions, although the truth was much stranger. In reality, Martha was working with an alternate version of Luthor called Dr. Atom based in another reality, who gave her his own inventions in exchange for test subjects for medical experiments. Luthor was simply having the same ideas at the same time as Dr. Atom.[1]

Angry at the lack of recognition he received, Luthor attacked Wayne Enterprise's latest press conference unveiling the Omni-Battery. Luthor had been working on the Omni-Battery himself and knew that it was a living organism, not a machine. Superman easily foiled him, but before he was taken away Superman told Lois Lane to investigate Martha.[2] He was imprisoned in the caverns under Wayne Manor and learned the truth about Dr. Atom. He also learned that he was going to be one of the test subjects sent to the parallel world. Jimmy Olsen discovered him in the caverns and Luthor tried to convince the boy to free him, but they were interrupted by Martha's henchman Alfred Pennyworth.

Jimmy was able to slip Luthor his phone, which he used to call Lois Lane. He told her that Martha was taking him to Gotham Cemetery to hand him over to Dr. Atom. Superman and two heroes from the other reality named Batman and Robin went to the cemetery but arrived just a little too late to save him and he was sent to the other reality[1]

There he was handed over to yet another version of himself. Despite Luthor's pleas that the two of them could work together, his counterpart killed him with a device that drained Luthor's intelligence and added it to his own.[3]




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