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In a world without Superman, Lex Luthor became the warden of Arkham Asylum. He aligned with Dr. Atom and would transform criminals from The World of Tomorrow into monsters to serve as Atom's minions.

Lex Luthor had a lifelong fascination with the strange, which lead him to eventually become warden of Arkham. He also assembled a collection of bizarre artifacts, including an alien spacecraft containing the skeleton of a dead infant.[1]

At some point he joined a cross-dimensional conspiracy led by an alternate version of himself called Dr. Atom. This conspiracy was trying to perfect a parallel reality called The World of Tomorrow by removing all criminal elements and dumping them in The World of the Knight, where Luthor would perform medical experiments on them to turn them into henchemn for the conspiracy.[2] Among the criminals he was sent were the counterparts of three of his inmates: The Joker, The Penguin and Rudy Jones, who learned what Luthor was doing to their duplicates. The Spider Lady discovered what was happening and tried to break the three out to reveal their stories to the world, but the escape was foiled by Batman and Robin.

The Spider Lady told the Dynamic Duo the truth about the experiments, and while they didn't believe her they decided to check Luthor's office. Batman found some files which led him to Dr. Atom's fortress in the Arctic. There they found a "burn hole", the main portal to The World of Tomorrow, and met Lois Lane and Superman, who had crossed over.[1] Dr. Atom ordered Luthor to take The World of Tomorrow versions of Joker, Penguin and Jones, who were now powerful monsters under his control, to stop them. Luthor and the inmates intercepted the heroes at Spider Lady's headquarters in Metropolis. He left Joker and Penguin to handle Batman and Robin while he and Jones went after Superman. Luthor had a Kryptonite bracelet which incapacitated Superman, but it mystriously disappeared off his wrist as Auteur.io took it to help him fight the real Superman in his own world. The heroes managed to escape through another burn hole as Spider Lady held him and Jones off. It's unclear what happened after that but both survived.[3]

Dr. Atom was defeated and the conspiracy was dismantled with Warden Luthor as the only member left at large and he decided to strike out on his own. The last criminal sent over from The World of Tomorrow was his own counterpart who called himself The Unknown Wizard. Despite the other Luthor's pleas that they could work together, Warden Luthor used a device to drain The Unknown Wizard's intelligence and add it to his own.

With his supply of test subjects cut off began to experiment on his own inmates. He enhanced Man-Bat, Poison Ivy and Two-Face, and used a helmet to control their minds. With his army of inmates he took over Metropolis and renamed it Lexopolis, the authorities cut Lexopolis off from the power grid but Luthor converted The World of the Knight's Rudy Jones into an Omni-Battery, a limitelss source of energy. As Superman had more experience dealing with mad scientists than Batman, he crossed over to stop him. The Man of Steel fought through his army of mind-controlled supervillains to reach the Omni-Battery and destroy it, but couldn't when he realised it was a living person. The mind-controlled Jones kocked Superman out and threw him off the roof they were standing on, but Superman later returned with Jones' wife and son, who allowed him to overcome Luthor's brainwashing. Jones and Superman knocked Luthor out and he was taken to prison.[4]


  • Enhanced Intellect: Luthor absorbed his counterpart's intelligence and added it to his own genius intellect, enhancing his mind beyond normal human capabilities.



  • Kryptonite Bracelet (Formerly)
  • Mind control helmet

  • He possesses many traits more commonly associated with Hugo Strange than Lex Luthor, i.e. his glasses and goatee, his role in Arkham and his use of mutated experiments as henchmen.
  • The three circles on his mind control helmet resemble the ones typically shown on Brainaic's forehead.



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