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In an alternate reality which took place some ten years into the future, Superman had been killed under as yet unrevealed circumstances during a great "Crisis". In his absence, Lex Luthor placed himself in the role of surrogate (and half-biological) father to the clone superhero Conner Kent.

Luthor moved into the Kent family home and kept a close watch over Kon-El. Kon began to regard Luthor as his true father and adopted many of Luthor's values. When Kon-El became an adult, he adopted the name and legacy of Superman, but maintained the questionably moral platitudes of his adoptive father.[1]

Titans Tomorrow

Luthor was made advisor to the Titans Army, a group of superheroes associated with the Titans recruited to prevent the Teen Titans from changing the timeline.[2] They went back in time to kill Blue Beetle, Ravager, and Supergirl during Starro's invasion, but they were overrun by the alien overlord.[3] The Flash was able to defeat Starro, but during this time Wonder Girl got over Superboy, changing the timeline and causing Luthor and the Titans Army to fade away.[4]




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