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Alex Montez was the cousin of Wildcat (Yolanda Montez). He was a host of the spirit Eclipso.

Alexander Montez vowed revenge on the demon Eclipso for his cousin Yolanda's death. To this end, he gathered the 1,000 black diamonds which he used to possess his victims, liquified them, and injected them into himself; all save one, which he kept to evoke Eclipso. Alex covers his body in tribal tattoos he claims he had learned about on Diablo Island. With these tattoos, Montez could summon all the powers of Eclipso by triggering the diamond with his anger, while remaining in control of himself and keeping Eclipso trapped within. As the new Eclipso, he joins the short-lived team of loose-cannon heroes assembled by Black Adam, which was the subject of the infamous "Black Reign" incident.

During Adam's reign in Kahndaq, Alex became romantically involved with his teammate Soseh Mykros, the female Nemesis. However, during a battle, one of Alex's binding glyphs tattoos was broken via a shoulder wound. Eclipso soon killed Nemesis. Alex killed himself in order to prevent Eclipso from controlling him further.

After his death, the black diamond was used by Alex Luthor to empower the next Eclipso, Jean Loring. During Countdown, Alex's body was acquired by Eclipso's followers for a magic ritual, which recombined the Heart of Darkness.[1]





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