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Quote1.png Sacrifices must be made. I didn't come to rule Charneltown by being nice. Quote2.png
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Alexander Sartorius, preferring to be called Doctor Phosphorous, is the ruler of the underground city of Charneltown that lay beneath Arkham Asylum in Gotham City. With the power to absorb and dispel radiation, Phosphorous was a kind ruler to his people and sought peace between his clan and the rival Warhogs that threatened them.[1]

Phosphorous had Catwoman deliver his daughter Princess Tinderbox to the Warhogs to marry the leader's son Rake as a symbol of peace between their civilizations. The deal went sour, so Phosphorus went to fight the leader Warhog to begin the war between them.[2]

However, their fight caused the cave they were in to crumble over top of them, killing Warhog and Tinderbox. Phosphorous was devastated over the death of his daughter, whose corpse he held in his arms after escaping.[3]

When the Crime Syndicate took over the world and seemingly killed the Justice League, Phosphorous decided to leave Charneltown and take advantage of a world filled with chaos.[4]



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