The Bookworm was a professed serial killer who operated in New York City many years ago.

He was allegedly responsible for a string of bizarre murders that not only confounded local police, but also caused the citizens of New York to lose faith in the credibility of the New York City Police Department. Each of the victims were found with a seeming random trinket lodged in their hand and a map of New York City covering the bodies. After some time had passed, Alexander Wyvern walked into a precinct house and took credit for the murders. The detectives were initially skeptical of Wyvern's confession, but they became concerned when Wyvern demonstrated knowledge of the murders that had not been made public. He showed them each of the trinkets found at the crime scenes corresponded to an important New York City landmark. When one connects the lines of the landmarks across a grid map of the city, they learned it spelled out the name Wyvern.

The Bookworm was arrested and charges were brought against him. The police were still unconvinced that he was the true killer, but they knew that they had to present the public with a viable suspect. While in prison, Wyvern managed to somehow kill two of his fellow inmates. The means by how he accomplished this are as yet unknown. As a result, Wyvern was placed in solitary confinement.

Years later, a detective named O'Shea came to Wyvern hoping to enlist his aid in cracking the coded journal of the late mobster Guido Bertinelli. Wyvern agreed to the task in exchange for special privileges. After spending a brief amount of time with one half of a copy of the journal, Wyvern told O'Shea that it was filled with nothing but family memories and included nothing that related to his underworld enterprises. This was a lie however, and Wyvern learned about Bertinelli's connection to some of the corrupt cops working at the precinct. With this information, Wyvern was able to blackmail a guard into helping him escape.[1]


  • Genius Level Intellect: Alexander Wyvern was a master of codes, ciphers and puzzles. He spent hours in solitary confinement devising complex puzzles to amuse himself and pass the time.



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