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Quote1 You were always gonna be different, Alex, because you were always exceptional, and I love you however you are. Quote2
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Alexandra "Alex" Danvers is Kara's adoptive sister and former director of the D.E.O.. After leaving the organization, she took on Sentinel's mantle and serves as a vigilante in National City.

A brilliant scientist with a past as a party girl and alcoholic, she was hired by Hank Henshaw at the Department of Extranormal Operations after being arrested for drunk driving, in an effort to turn her life around and see potential in her.

As Henshaw's protégé, Alex was personally trained by him in extensive combat, strategic tactics, and investigation after joining the D.E.O., eventually becoming his right-handed agent in the field. The now-sober Alex tasked herself in providing rigorous training to Kara in order to decrease her reliance on her powers. Initially, like Kara, she became suspicious of the DEO and thus her own role upon learning of their father, Jeremiah Danvers, having worked there in order to protect Kara, but Alex ultimately learned that Henshaw was the Martian survivor J'onn J'onzz in shape-shifted disguise, whom her father (who she thought is dead) had rescued before his and the real Henshaw's deaths. After she was arrested and placed in custody for having known about J'onn, she and J'onn escaped upon learning that her father was alive at Project Cadmus. She and J'onn were eventually pardoned by the President of the United States Olivia Marsdin after they helped save the world from Non's attack with Kara and subsequently rejoin the D.E.O.

A while later, Alex realized her homosexuality and pursued a relationship with National City Police Department's detective, Maggie Sawyer. She also confided in Sawyer her secret that she was a D.E.O. agent and occasionally worked together.

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  • Alex Danvers is portrayed by Chyler Leigh. Jordan Mazarati and Olivia Nikkanen portrayed a young Alex.



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