Alexi Kronsky was a Russian scientist who created a helmet device (a Encephalopathic Transmogrifier) that could transform thought into solid matter.

When Hill's Traveling Circus performed in Russia, he hid his mechanism at the menagerie tent. His daughter, Inga Kronsky, was a performer for the show.

He then escaped the Soviet Union and came to America, where he offered to sell the device to the famous Mr. Solomon, a rich businessman. Instead, Solomon took him prisoner and offered to free him in return for learning the device's location. He escaped, and ran to the circus, which was traveling through America, to retrieve his invention. When Solomon and his henchmen caught up to him, Kronsky, put on the transformer helmet and killed Solomon and his thugs.

Vashnu, a Hindu Fakir and circus performer, was able to persuade Kronsky to remove the helmet and abandon his dreams of power. When another of Solomon's men suddenly appeared, and stole the helmet, he was thrown into a tank full of water, and the helmet exploded, killing the thug too.

After the episode, Kronsky felt that he had nothing left now, but his daughter (who was still performing for the circus) reassured him that he had a place with his new family, as she was now the new wife of circus performer Cleveland Brand, Deadman's twin brother.


  • A helmet device, "Encephalopathic Transmogrifier", that could transform thought into solid matter.



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