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Alexi Luthorovich Dymtryshyn was a Russian adventurer and pirate.

Alexi Luthorovich Dymtryshyn grew up devouring the works of such authors has H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. A gifted man, Alexi began to create designs and plans for complex and amazing machines. He presented his creations to Czar Nicholas, only to be turned away as a foolish dreamer. Escaping Russia just ahead of the Revolution, Alexi, now calling himself "Lex", struck out on his own, eventually gathering enough like-minded men to bring his dreams to life. What Verne dreamed, he made reality in the construction of a massive submarine. Using this hydroelectric miracle of machinery as a mobile base, Lex and his crew sailed the world, dredging up lost treasures from the ocean floor.



  • hydroelectric submarine