Quote1 You... You brought this majestic beast back from extinction... just so you could kill it? Quote2
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Alexia Santos is a young woman from an unnamed town in Brazil which was destroyed when Archimedes Grant ordered his company to deforest the entire region. She witnessed the death of family, friends and neighbors but the most disheartening was the death of the wildlife that surrounded her. Alexia is bonded to animals through an unspoken connection and when they perished she felt the need to get revenge. Finding Grant's trophy room, Santos attacked him there. Joining with the Teen Titans, who also battled Grant, she assisted them and began her adventures alongside Klarion, Heretic, Kid Flash and Tempest as Animal Girl.


  • Animal Mimicry: Alexia Santos needs only to see an animal once or be close enough to one to activate their specific strength or ability. This also extends to animals that have long since died.[1]
  • Animal Empathy: Alexia Santos has a connection to animals which she purports has always been with her. She can sense their deaths and experience their lives.[1]



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