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Alexis Luthor was the daughter of Lex Luthor.

Lex was the greatest enemy of Superman, who years ago was responsible for his death and has since earned the scorn of every member of the Super Hero community specifically Chris Kent son of the original Superman. However unlike her father she had no interest in committing crimes, especially due to presence of the Superman Robots protecting the earth. However her mind and personality gained the attention of Batman's son Damian Wayne who dated her in secret. However, their relationship begin to falter along with her sanity as the fact that she could not be accepted by the super hero community or the fact that Damian couldn't publicly acknowledge her as his girlfriend. The final straw was when she wasn't invited to party of the year that was being held by Sister Miracle (Sasha Norman) (Despite the fact that she did not like parties). Motivated by a cursed comic book she sought out the help of her ex-boyfriend Jay-Jay Thunder (who also wasn't invited the party) and had his fifth dimensional imp reprogram Superman's security robots. When cornered by Chris and Damian she reveals her true nature and proceeds to attack them as the robots proceed to destroy cities and as their universe in invaded.




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