Quote1 It is, after all, impossible for the "Dark Knight" to get the sniffles. Quote2
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Alfred Pennyworth was the butler of Bruce Wayne and a trusted confidant and ally in his life as Batman.


Alfred returned to the Batcave to find Bruce spying on Bob Cratchit, a deliveryman for The Joker. He noticed that Bruce was getting sick, but Bruce waved off his concerns. Pennyworth then expresses some disgust at his master's invasion of privacy - and in particular his placing a child in danger by using a parent as bait. Bruce retorts that if left to his own devices, Bob Cratchit would raise his son to be a criminal like him. Alfred coldly warns that there was once another boy whose future was risked on his watch.

The following morning, Alfred was pleased to see that his master took his advice and got some much needed rest.[1]





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