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Quote1.png You don't have to do it, Bruce. There are other ways of doing good in the world. But you -- you pour everything into your bloody crusade. And I know you too well to hope you'll ever change. Quote2.png
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Alfred Pennyworth is the family butler of the illustrious Wayne family.

But despite his loyalty to the Waynes, Alfred was aware of and disgusted of Thomas Wayne's secret affiliation with Gotham City's corrupt and criminal figures, Carmine Falcone and Hamilton Hill. Although Alfred was tempted to leaving the Waynes, he immediately reconsidered after the deaths of the Waynes and sympathetically decided to raise the now-orphaned Bruce Wayne as his new guardian. Throughout the next twenty years, Alfred assisted Bruce's crusade on crime as the Batman.

However, Alfred kept Bruce unaware of his parents' illicit activities. Alfred's secret on the Waynes was eventually shattered when evidences of the Waynes' corruption emerges in the public.



  • If Batman doesn't reveal his identity to Lady Arkham he will instead free Alfred allowing them to attack her, if this happens Alfred loses his left eye in the fight.


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