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Alfred Pennyworth is the trusted butler of millionaire Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, aiding them behind the scenes as crimefighters Batman and Robin.



Alfred has his own Bat-gadget: a Belt-buckle Bat-transmitter, which he uses when in danger.[1]


  • Alfred never used a surname on-screen and was never referred to by one. However, he is given the surname Pennyworth in the Batman '66 comic books.
  • Alfred is the only person who knows the secret of Batman and Robin's dual identities. He also knows the secret of Batgirl's dual identity, which she made him promise never to reveal to anyone — and he even keeps this from Batman and Robin.
  • It was Alfred who originally made the costumes for Batman and Robin.
  • Alfred usually answers the Batphone, which sits on the desk in Bruce Wayne's study like a normal everyday telephone. However, Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara do not know the identity of "the Voice" — to quote O'Hara in "The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra".
  • Alfred has a look-alike cousin, Egbert, who works as night watchman at the Gotham City Reservoir ("The Joker's Provokers"), but — unlike Alfred — he has perfect eyesight.
  • Alfred also has a second cousin, Cuthbert, whose taxicab Alfred uses to drive around Londinium ("The Londinium Larcernies", "The Foggiest Notion", and "The Bloody Tower"), but Cuthbert himself is only referred to and never seen on-screen.
  • Alfred is also the look-alike of Lord Easystreet, one of the prospective customers at Minerva's mineral spa ("Minerva, Mayhem and Millionaires"). However, we never get to meet the real Lord Easystreet.



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