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Alfred Pennyworth is the prissy and compassionate butler of Bruce Wayne, assisting him as the vigilante the Batman.

Alfred Pennyworth was a clerk at an unspecified branch of the British Secret Service. He did little field work, but had access to classified material.

After moving to the United States, Alfred entered the service of Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha to take care of their young son Bruce. After the Waynes were murdered, Alfred became 9-year-old Bruce's legal guardian, and stalwart ally in his crusade for justice.

Alfred and Batman

Alfred was Batman's most faithful ally and Bruce's most trusted confidante. Alfred feels almost like a father to Bruce.[1]

On one occasion, Alfred fell victim to one of Joker's schemes, when he inhaled some of the laughing gas that the madman spread across Gotham. On his delirious state, Alfred destroyed Wayne Manor's living room almost entirely until he was stopped by a concerned Batman. After the Joker was stopped by Batman, Alfred returned to sanity and cleaned up the mess he created, with guilt.[2]

When Bruce disappeared without a trace, Alfred located him with a tracking device and went to his rescue using the Batwing.[3]

Afterwards, Alfred was a victim in one of Poison Ivy's schemes. When Alfred filled in for Bruce Wayne at a health spa called "Eternal Youth", he was poisoned by Ivy with a chemical that could transform people into trees. Alfred and his girl friend Maggie Page were both affected by the serum, but they were eventually rescued by Batman. Alfred returned to normal after a short recovery time at the hospital.[4]

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